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No. She can apply as a dependant. Her visa will allow her to work even if her husband is on a student visa. However, she will not be eligable to any state benifits. I think the minimum duration of her husband's visa has to be over a year.

- Rajiv

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Your question needs to tell us what "instruction permit" you're talking about...permit for instruction of what?

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Just the owner of the building with graffiti on it needs a permit, not the artist.

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Yes But He Needs To Have A Learners Permit. Answerd By TG

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This is not a readible question!!

When you are eighteen do you need a learners permit?

Everyone who does not already have a license (and never did in that state) needs a learners permit, even if you are 50

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Ca drivers permit out of state ticket license?

Question needs clarification!

How can you get in to US?

There are many ways which depend on your intention.A permanent stay needs a green card.A tourist needs a Visa.A worker needs a work permit and a student needs a study visa.

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My daughter is 15 with a work permit and she sweeps hair at a salon. I am not sure how old someone needs to be to get a work permit.

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The state of Tennessee does not require work permits. The minor needs to provide the prospective employer with a copy one of the following documents as proof of age; birth certificate, driver license, state issued ID, or a copy of their passport.

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Where does the licensed driver have to be when a permit driver is driving a pick up truck in Massachusetts?

The licensed driver needs to be at least 25 years old and must be sitting in the seat next to the permit driver.

do i need a permit to list a home for rent?

Due to issues related to health and safety, a permit or license may be required when you rent out your home. Just as different neighborhood communities have specific ordinances/rules, the need of a permit for renting needs to be research in your own area.

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Do sixteen year olds need work permits?

yes anyone under eighteen needs a work permit.