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Sorta of, I think that the parents teach most hunting skills, and their are some parts of hunting that are instinctive.

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How is hunting both learned and instinctive in animals?

animals have the instict to hunt but must learn hunting skills.

Are wolves dumb?

Wolves are very very intelligent. They learn how to live in a pack and get it to run smoothly. Their hunting is amazing way they live is amazing. Read about wolves and you will find that they a not dumb at all!! Wolves are defiantly not dumb.

How can you prove that wolves are smart?

They can be trained, they can learn to recognize traps. Different packs can develop different hunting strategies.

Do seals learn to hunt from their mother?

Yes, their hunting skills are learned behaviour from their mother.

Why do you grow up?

Every organism grows. Cells multiply. For animals, this means they learn their specific animal skills. For humans, it means we learn specific human skills. When we know many skills like our adult parents know, we are said to be grown up. However, just like teenage and young adult animals, young adult humans continue to learn and learn from mistakes even though we are supposed to be "grown up".

How did Blackfoot children learn hunting skills?

well they learn from a adult like when you u r young you follow ur role model such as me my role model is justin bieber or someone else so don't judge me he is not my role model but u can think as me if he is my role model but anyways they they learn from others :)

How do young animals often learn valuable hunting skills?

By seeing their mother hunt and learn from trying the experiences the mother is trying to teach!

Young animals often learn valuable hunting skills through?

C. playing just took the test

Do baby cheetahs play?

Yes. Cats learn hunting skills through play and how to dominate another animal.

Why do you like wolves?

Wolves are Majestic creatures. Not the monsters people depicted them to be in old times. The More we learn about wolves, the more we learn about how intelligent they are.

How do wolves learn their skills?

Their mothers teach them the more complicated things like stealth and tracking but wolves like all animals have natural instincts so they are born knowing the basics. OFWGKTA

Where can one learn to go mule deer hunting?

The only people who can learn to go mule deer hunting are people who are hunters and have hunting licenses. They must have a hunting licenses and a gun permit first before they can learn to go mule deer hunting.

What were the plains cree childrens roles?

the childrens role was to learn from their parents and the elders, the boys learned skills for hunting and war while the girls learned skills like cooking and sewing.

How do leopards play?

Like other cats, when young, they play fight with their siblings to learn the life skills they will need as an adult.

How has isolation affected the development of the lion?

By being isolated the lion is not able to learn from others of its kind. It will not learn pertinent hunting and survival skills that other lions have adapted in order to survive in the wild.

How do kids become apprentices on virtual villagers 3?

they watch people work a lot, and they learn the skill that they watch, OR build a nursery and train a adult to be master in 3 different skills so that the kids can learn one of the three skills

What was spartan coming of age rite of passage ritual?

The Spartan coming to age rite of passage was a young boy mentoring a adult male to learn skills pertaining to their adult lives.

How do pup wolves learn from their parents?

the pups learn from the parents how to hunt and how to hide

What skills would you learn in the roman army?

you would learn building skills

Do you use a comma in this sentence. When you go hunting there are a lot of tips to learn.?

Yes. It should be --- When you go hunting, there are a lot of tips to learn.

What is a great website to go to learn about wolves?

Do penguins stay with their parents and learn skills?

yeah they learn skills about jerking off

When can you learn skills in Wow?

Every odd level you can got to the trainer and learn new skills

Is hunting a learn behavior for lions?

the lions are learned

Compare and contrast the life of a white soldier and a black soldier?

This is a homework assignment, WikiAnswers will not write your assignments for you because you need to research and write these yourself to learn the skills needed to do this so that you have these skills ready for your adult life.