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The cruises are family oriented, but there's lots of activities and elaborate childcare available so parents can have fun, too. Disney launched its cruise line in 1998. The 3,4 and 7-day cruises depart from Port Canaveral and visit Castaway Cay on their way to the Caribbean or Nassau. In fact, the kid's activities start at dawn and continue until nearly midnight, so many parents only see their children at breakfast and dinner. All the children's and adult's activities are a la carte, so you can pick and choose. Even though most guests are families, Disney has gone to a lot of trouble to appeal to adults without children with an adults-only pool, and nightclubs and restaurants that are just for adults. Also, there's an improv club. The Promenade Lounge features nightly piano music,and there's also a sports bar. The movie theater shows first-run movies, as well as Disney classics. Spring for a cabin with a romantic private veranda overlooking the ocean, and have a great time!

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Q: Do adults enjoy Disney cruises or is it mostly fun just for the kids?
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What are good all inclusive cruises?

Some good ones are the Disney and Princess lines. They always have great deals and very fun experiences on board. Enjoy your trip.

What did Walt Disney dreamed that his theme park can be?

The primary purpose of Disneyland was to be a theme park where adults can enjoy it just as much as kids do

What companies specialize in elderly cruises?

Voyage Masters offers cruises for the elderly. These cruises are quiet, relaxing, and free from distractions for the elderly individuals to enjoy themselves.

What did Walt Disney belive in?

He believed in the entire family being able to enjoy themselves together. His parks were originally built encompassing rides that both kids and adults could enjoy together.

Tons of Fun on Disney Cruise Line?

Taking a cruise is fun, and Disney cruises are even more so. There is something on a Disney cruise for everyone, from the kids to the adults. Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are two beautiful ships currently sailing the seas and bringing fun to passengers. Disney Dream, the newest and largest of the Disney ships, will be setting sail in January of 2011. European cruises will take you and your family to destinations such as the Mediterranean, which takes in Barcelona, Tunis, Rome and the French Riviera. A Barcelona to Dover cruise will take you to destinations such as Gibraltar and Lisbon. Depending on the specific cruise you choose, you can travel on the seas anywhere from seven nights to twelve nights. Alaskan and Pacific Coast cruises are available that can last anywhere from two nights to seven nights. Destinations may include San Francisco, California and Vancouver and Victoria, Canada. The Pacific Northwest offers some beautiful sites, and a Disney cruise can take you and family members there for a scenic and enjoyable vacation. The Caribbean is another beautiful locale for a Disney cruise. See Key West, Grand Cayman, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Tortola and Castaway Cay. There are cruises that will take you to these locations and others. You may also want to enjoy the holidays on a Caribbean cruise, which will include Cozumel, Key West and Castaway Cay. This is a six night cruise with three days at sea. Bahamian cruises are also available for all family members. What a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the pleasures of a luxury cruise line. The Mexican Riviera and the Panama Canal are both destinations that Disney Cruise Line will visit, taking you and family along for the ride. And fourteen night Transatlantic cruises are available, both eastbound and westbound. Eastbound cruises travel from the Bahamas to the Mediterranean, and the Westbound cruises travel from Europe to the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Not only will the destinations be wonderful on a Disney cruise, but the ship itself will also provide so many delights for both the young and the young at heart. Disney cruises certainly can offer something for everyone.

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The Best Cruises for Your Budget?

If you are looking for the best cruises at great prices, there are many to choose from. From short three-day cruises to the Bahamas from Miami to Mediterranean vacations that last for weeks, there is a cruise for every traveler. Enjoy all-inclusive meals, entertainment, swimming pools, spas and activities. Relax and enjoy breakfast on your stateroom balcony or make your way to the buffet. Take a trip on some of the best cruises in the world.

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Have a look at this website! There are some great destination you might want to go to Hope you enjoy your trip!

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