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Yes and no. Adults generally have 28 permanent teeth excluding the wisdom teeth. Most adults will not develop all 4 wisdom teeth, which would bring the count to 32, had they.

However, the amount of teeth can change during adulthood depending on tooth extractions, wisdom teeth, or malformed teeth.

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Yes - unless they've lost some (decay or accident for example) - human adults have 32 permanent teeth.

An adult has 32 permanent teeth. when they reach the age of 21

There are 32 teeth total in a complete set of permanent teeth.

There are 32 permanent teeth.

There are 32 permanent teeth

The normal number is 32humans have 32 permanent teeth normally

Adults naturally have 32 permanent teeth. In some cases adults can lose 1 to 4 wisdom teeth through surgery if they are impacting other teeth. No adult teeth are lost naturally though.

32 permanent teeth (including 4 wisdom teeth).

if they have all their teeth, yes. however, many people may be missing teeth, especially wisdom teeth

Out of 32 adult (permanent) teeth, most adults have 28(wisdom teeth extracted), or 24(wisdom teeth and one premolar in each quadrant extracted). Most adults in their 40's have the latter, because it was common to extract the 4 premolars for orthodontia at that time. Most younger adults have 28 teeth. Some adults have all 32. I would say the average adult has 28 teeth.

10 teeth. pry teeth is 22 while permanent teeth is 32

Yes, they do. Orangutans have 32 permanent teeth.

The average adult human has 32 permanent teeth.

Parents are supposed to have 32 permanent teeth. (Children have 20.)

32 permanent (adult) teeth

Children lose a total of 20 teeth. That is all the teeth that children get. Then their adult teeth start coming in and replacing their first set of teeth. They will get a total of 28 to 32 as adults.its about 20

32 Permanent Teeth in a Mouth (Adult)

Children will have to lose 20 teeth. 10 upper teeth and 10 lower teeth. All are replaced by permanent teeth . In addition to these 20, adults will have 6 molars in each jaw , thus making a full complement of 32 teeth.

For adults it is usually 32 perminant teeth including wisdom teeth. 16 on the top and 16 on the bottom. Children have 20 deciduous teeth in total and start getting their first perminant teeth around 6 years old.

When grown adults grow all of their teeth they'll have 32 teeth if u loose any of ur adult teeth it WILL NOT GROW BACK!!!!!!!!!!

22 wisdom an 32 permanent.

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