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No albino cats don't go blind from an early age.

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Q: Do albino cats go blind from a early age?
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Is Steve Martin albino?

No, Steve Martin is not albino, his hair just turned gray at an early age. It happens to many people who aren't albino. Also, if he were albino, his eyes wouldn't be a dark color.

Why do cats go blind?

Cats can go blind for several reasons. Old age could cause a cat to go blind as can injury t to the eye(s). Taurine, an amino acid, deficiency can also cause eye problems that can lead to blindness.

Whats the best age for a cat to have kittens?

The best age for cats to have kittens is early in their adulthood. The prime age is about 2 or 3.

Are cats with green eyes blind?

No Most cats have green eyes but when kittens are very young they might have blue eyes, after around 7 weeks of age they start to get green eyes

What age do cats stop being kittens?

Kittens develop fairly quickly. They are considered to be cats when they hit one year, but some kittens will hit puberty as early as 6 months of age.

What age do cats start to get in heat?

Most cats reach sexual maturity around 6 months, although it can happen as early as 4 months.

What age can you become color blind?

You can become color blind at any age.

Do queen cats miss their kittens when they are given away?

yes, but only slighty for mother cats do not have much memory of their kittens if they are given away at an early age.

What is Rudy off of ice age 3?

He is a Albino Baryonyx

Can a cat learn English?

Yes, its true that cats can learn english,but you have to start them off at an early age to get it right.

The average age when a albino human dies?

The average age when an albino human dies is similar to normal humans which currently stands at about 70 years. Their lifespan is not affected by albinism in any way.

How rare is a albino blue nose pitbull?

albino pitbulls are rare indeed. In my 45 years of age I have never seen one. if you are asking about albino meaning white, them there is a good number of them and you can find a kennel that sells them.

At what age did Ray Charles go blind?

Ray Charles began to go blind at age 7

Do beagles act like cats?

Usually not but if they are introduced at an early age the dog might pick up on the cat's behavior.

What age do female cats begin to spray?

Female cats can mature as early as four months. Some female cats will spray when they are sexually mature that is usually between four and six months. Spraying of females is often when she is in heat.

How much is a true albino guinea pig worth?

depends on the age. Save

Can a baby cheetah and tiger be friends?

Yes, you would have to supervise them and introduce them at an early age. Kind of like domestic dogs and cats.

Why are blind mice blind?

how are mice blind.......The same way that humans are. plus it depends on age and breed

What is old age for cats?

If the cat is mature, then the age is 8 years. The old age for cats is 16 and above. The cats can live up to 18 years old.

Was ray charles blind?

yes it started at the age of 5. he went completely blind at the age of seven. the cause was glaucoma

Why did John Milton became blind and in which age?

11th age

Which is correct in early age or at early age?

Neither. If talking about time frames and eras it would be 'in the early ages' or 'in the early days of the age.' If you are talking about a person, it would be 'at an early age.'

When did ray Charles loose his eye sight?

He started to go blind at age 5. He was completely blind at age 7 from glaucoma

At what age do cats throw up hairballs?

There is no certain age during which cats throw up hairballs.

Did Anne Sullivan go blind?

Anne Sullivan became blind at about the age of twenty.