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I would not depend on it.

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Do alcoholics get drunk quicker than those who arent alcoholics?

Do alcoholics get drunk quicker than those who arent alcoholics?

Do alcoholics get drunk faster?

no. it takes them a bit longer and more beers to get drunk.

Can alcoholics get drunk on one drink?

In far advanced stages of the disease, when the liver is no longer functioning well, it is possible. Generally speaking, however, alcoholics can drink more than than non-alcoholics without showing it. That does not mean they are not drunk, but simply that they hide it better. No, every drink in the blood BAC is equal to 0.025%. Intoxication begins at 0.08% the liver illuminates 1 drink per hour.

What does it mean when people in Ireland say you were pissed?

It means you were drunk.

If you kiss a girl while your drunk does it mean you like her somewhere in your heart?

I would say that if you were drunk when this took place it doesn't really mean anything.

What if a guy tells you he loves you while he's drunk?

Well what do you think, he's drunk !! People say alot of things when they are drunk and don't mean any of it.

Can narcissism come out in a man only when he is drunk?

No. They may show their narcissism more if drunk, but there are many sober narcisstic people. Many alcoholics and/or drug abusers are narcisstic.

How do you say drunk in Navajo?


What does the acronym AA mean?

Alcoholics Anonymous

Is it correct to say can be drunk or can be drank?

can it be drunk

What foods do alcoholics crave?

Pickles! And anything with vinegar in it. Post binge of course. While drunk, they like rich fatty foods.

Why did the drunk con me after telling me he would love and take care of me.?

Alcoholics tend to think of themselves first. Along with that, sociopaths seem to become alcoholics more frequently than the average person. You may have hit a double jackpot.

Is it correct to say can be drunk or can be drank example milk can be drunk or drank with eggs?

can be drunk

What do you say for get drunk in Punjabi?

peeti hoee aay! "He/She is drunk"

Do alcholics get drunk quickly and why?

It takes a higher BAC for alcoholics to exhibit clinical signs of intoxication because of the phenomenon known as alcohol tolerance.

Why do alcoholics have poor personal hygiene?

This is not always the case but from why I believe it's there so drunk they foget to take a shower and it a bit of a stereotype question

What does wasted mean?

it means drunk, completely drunk

What is the spanish word borracho mean?

drunk or a drunk

What do you not say to a police man when you are drunk?

"I swear to drunk I'm not God" is perfect. " I am not drunk" doesn't work. Don't say this either: Honest officer I'm not as think as you drunk I am. Also, do not say "urgh... urgh i...not...drunk" although you could do the honest thing and say " I hav e had six pints of guinnes" that'll do it

What does a circle with triangle inside mean?

It is the symbol for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Is it correct to say having drank or having drunk?

Having drunk.

How do you say I am drunk in German with pronunciation?

I am drunk = Ich bin betrunken I am drunk = Ich bin besoffen

Why do some guys become angry when they drink alcohol?

Some guys such as alcoholics cant proccess things when they are drunk, they will not rationalize and in there minds they are always right.

How do you stop being a drunk?

Well There Are A Couple Ways Just Stop Drinking!!!! Or Go To AA Meetings Alcoholics Anonymous Programs

What does drunk mean?

It means intoxicatedDrunk is synonymous with intoxicated.