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Do all Americans believe in Jesus?

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Probably most Americans believe that there was a man named Jesus that lived some 2000 years ago (historical oral accounts of the times being somewhat undependable). Whether or not, and to what degree, most Americans believe that he was special depends on the individual's particular religious beliefs. Toleration for varying religious beliefs is one of the principles upon which America was founded. Believe in him how? That he existed? Sure, most Americans believe that there was a man named Jesus who was a radical Jewish Rabbi and about whom some history was written. Many Americans believe him to be a spiritual leader, the Son of God and some believe him to actually be an incarnation of God. But many Americans belive that he was an obscure Rabbi who taught a small group but whose teachings were convenient when Constantine attempted to unite Europe under the Catholic (universal) church. This is an impossible question to ask simply because religion is a private issue amongst American families or any family from any country. The U.S. has "The Bible Belt" and that speaks for itself right there. You can say you believe in a higher being or God/Jesus/Holy Ghost, but it's how you live your life every day that makes you a Christian. Talk's cheap, action speaks. This doesn't mean that highly religious people are better than those that don't have a faith. Please complete your question. Do most Americans believe in Jesus as what? Many more believe that Jesus was a real historical figure than believe what He said about being the Son of God, or than believe that He died for each one of us. As another person once stated, many more believe in Jesus than believe Jesus.

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Do Americans believe in Jesus for Christmas?

Yes the Americans do believe in jesus at Christmas. That depends. Not all Americans are Christians.

What Religion Doesn't Believe in Jesus?

The only religion that does believe in Jesus is Christianity. All the other religions do not believe that He is the Messiah.

Do Protestants believe that Jesus was the son of God?

Yes, protestants believe Jesus is the son of God. Protestants are Christians and all Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah.

What happened when Jesus rose?

no body believe Mary and they all wanted to see Jesus for them selves then Jesus showed up and proved them all wrong and said believe...

Who did Jesus trust to teach about his mission?

The twelve disciples and all who believe their message. That means you and me if we believe in Jesus.

How many Americans believe in God but not Jesus?

Jesus is God, He is part of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is the God,the Father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Does Reform Judaism believe in Jesus?

No. Reform Judaism does not believe in Jesus. Individual Jews have varying opinions about Jesus, but he is not part of the religion at all.

Which saints believe in the resurrection of Jesus?

All of them

Who do people believe in if they do not believe in Jesus?

A:Some believe in other gods, such as the Hindu pantheon. Jews believe in the same God as do Christians but believe that Jesus was, at most, only a wandering preacher. Muslims revere Jesus, but only as a prophet. Many others believe that all religions are false and that there is no reason to believe in Jesus. And also zeus and posiden

Do Catholics believe that Jesus was crucified?

All Christians (Catholics, Protestants, etc.) believe that Jesus was crucified. It is core to the Christian faith.

Do African-Americans celebrate Easter?

If they want to, then yes. Many African Americans believe in Jesus Christ and thus, would celebrate Easter.

Does Judaism believe that Jesus is a prophet?

No, Jesus was not a prophet according to Jews. Judaism doesn't discuss Jesus at all.

Do Shintos believe in Jesus?

No they do not believe in Jesus.

Does Joe Jonas believe in Jesus as the son of God?

Yes, Joe does believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. They all go to church.

How do buddishist view Jesus?

that's the problem. they don't "view" Jesus at all. they don't believe in him.

Do all Jewish people believe in Jesus?

Judaism holds that Jesus was a regular human being.

What do all Catholics believe in?

catholics believes in jesus christ.

What do all priests have in common?

they work at a church and believe in Jesus

Believe in the blood of Jesus?

All good Christians should.

Why did Jesus pray for All Believers?

Because they believe in God.

What does it mean to a Christian?

To be a christian is to believe in jesus and all his followings

What do christians believe happened to jesus on the cross?

Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross for all their sins.And the sins of the world , yours as well friend.

Did early European missionaries believe native Americans had souls?

Yes because that way the Europeans couldn't tell people about Jesus if they didn't believe they had souls.

Do most christians believe that jesus suffered and was crucified?

As far as i know, all christians believe that.

What do the Catholics believe about Jesus in hell?

the catholics believe that Jesus went to hell to save all of him friends and take them back to heaven and not jut catholics believe that, bunch of other people do to.

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