Do all Americans believe in Jesus?

Probably most Americans believe that there was a man named Jesus that lived some 2000 years ago (historical oral accounts of the times being somewhat undependable). Whether or not, and to what degree, most Americans believe that he was special depends on the individual's particular religious beliefs. Toleration for varying religious beliefs is one of the principles upon which America was founded. Believe in him how? That he existed? Sure, most Americans believe that there was a man named Jesus who was a radical Jewish Rabbi and about whom some history was written. Many Americans believe him to be a spiritual leader, the Son of God and some believe him to actually be an incarnation of God. But many Americans belive that he was an obscure Rabbi who taught a small group but whose teachings were convenient when Constantine attempted to unite Europe under the Catholic (universal) church. This is an impossible question to ask simply because religion is a private issue amongst American families or any family from any country. The U.S. has "the Bible Belt" and that speaks for itself right there. You can say you believe in a higher being or God/Jesus/Holy Ghost, but it's how you live your life every day that makes you a Christian. Talk's cheap, action speaks. This doesn't mean that highly religious people are better than those that don't have a faith. Please complete your question. Do most Americans believe in Jesus as what? Many more believe that Jesus was a real historical figure than believe what He said about being the Son of God, or than believe that He died for each one of us. As another person once stated, many more believe in Jesus than believe Jesus.