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Do all blacks have Indian in them?

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This is a rather confusing question. Are you asking if the black race is the same as the Indian race - and if you are, WHICH Indian race are you asking about?

  • Black or Negro race
  • Native American ("Indians")
  • Indians (from the country of India)
These are three separate ethnic groups, and are not part of each other.

Or are you asking about the ALL BLACKS which is a New Zealand Rugby team? They do not allow Indians to the best of my knowledge - I am fairly certain that you need to be Maori.
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Who will win All Blacks or France?

All Blacks

What are the All Blacks known as overseas?

"All Blacks" or NZ

Who is the captian for the all blacks?

The All Blacks Captain is Richie McCaw :)

Who will the all blacks play this Saturday?

ho will the all blacks be playing this saturday

Why is the all blacks called the all blacks?

It is because they wear black clothing.

Who pays for the all blacks clothes?

adidas because they sponser the all blacks

Who was the captain of the 1823 all blacks?

The All Blacks didn't play until about 1893.

What is Jacob Blacks blood type?

Jacob Back come from Indian blood.

Who has the most ever caps in the all blacks?

Sean fitzpatric 92 tests,all blacks

What was the score for all blacks vs wales 2010 rugby?

it was 42 - 9 to the All Blacks

Who are the All Blacks and what sport do they play?

The All Blacks are the national Rugby Union team of New Zealand.

How many times have the wallabies beaten the all blacks?

How many times have the wallabies beaten the all blacks?

Was there a fight between the All Blacks and Wallabies when the All Blacks won 32 to 23 in 2011?


Is the all blacks going to win the rwc?

Of course the are so!! Thumbs up all blacks fans!

Why is the all blacks called all blacks?

If a horse is "all black", it means it has no white markings (socks, spots, or facial markings).

Who is captain of the nz all-blacks?

Number 7, Richie McCaw

Team lists for the rugby world cup?

all blacks vs romania all blacks vs scotland

What rank is the all blacks at rugby?

As of 14 feb 2011 the All Blacks are number 1 with Australia 2nd.

What 5 groups of people nationality that settled the 13 colonies?

Jamaican, Russian, Blacks, and Indian

How did segregation affect blacks and whites?

Blacks were killed and lynched. Whites were privileged. That is all.

Are all blacks African American?

No. Most blacks actually don't live in America.

Name the player who has scored the most tries for the All Blacks in a game?

Most tries scored in a All Blacks game?

What country has beaten the all blacks?

the wallabies and springboks have beaten the all blacks in the past but now we are undefeatable. (i am a new zealander)

Will the All Blacks win the World Cup?

The All Blacks did win the World Cup in 2011, the year the question was asked.

Where is the stadium will the all blacks be playing this weekend?

The All Blacks will be playing at the Millennium Stadium which is situated in central Cardiff, Wales.

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