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No. Prokaryotes such as bacteria do not contain nuclei. Also mammalian (including human) red blood cells, although they are considered eukaryotic cells, also contain no nucleus when they are mature.

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What type of cells contain a nucleus or not?

ALL types of cells contain nucleus EXCEPT for the red blood cells.

Does a animal cell contain a nucleus?

All cells contain a nucleus, including animal cells. It does not depend what type of animal it is.Answer:animal cells do contain a nucleus but not ALL cells have a nucleus. Cells in the monera kingdom dont have one. cells in the protist kingdom do.Is the brain of the cell!

What is the theory that all human cells contain a nucleus?

This theory is false. Red blood cells do not contain a nucleus.

Do all cells contain a ture nucleus?

No. Red blood cells (RBC) for example, do not contain a nucleus. Also, prokaryotes do not.

What cells contain RNA?

All Eukaryotic cells contain RNAIn Eukaryotic the cells contain a Nucleus.The nucleus house's the genetic material eg. DNA and RNA

What do all cells have for storing information?

Animal and plant cells contain a nucleus. The nucleus is considered to be the 'brain' of a cell. This means that the nucleus will contain all the information the cell needs.

What cells contain a nucleus?

all eukaryotes

Do plant cells contain a nucleus?

Plant cells do contain a nucleus.

What type of cells contain a nucleus?

Eukaryotic cells contain a nucleus.

What do you call the cells that have a nucleus?

Cells that contain a nucleus are called eukaryote, cells that don't contain a nucleus are prokaryote.

what are cells that do not contain a nucleus?

Prokaryotes are organisms whose cells lack a nucleus and other organelles.

What cell do all eukaryote cells contain?

All Eukaryotes contain a nucleus, however, it is an organelle, not a cell.

How many cells are there in a nucleus?

Nuclei do not contain cells, cells contain nuclei (normally, one nucleus per cell).

Are plant cells eukaryotes or prokaryotes?

Plant cells are eukaryotes, because eukaryotic cells contain a nucleus and prokaryotic cells do not contain a nucleus

In which cells would you find DNA?

DNA is located in the cell's nucleus. This means that all the cells in your body have DNA in them, because all of them contain a nucleus.

Do prokaryotic cells contain a nucleus?

No they don't. Eukaryotic cells are the ones that contain a nucleus. However, just because prokaryote cells don't contain a nucleus, they still contain DNA. It just floats freely in the cytoplasm.

What do all cells contain?

cell membrane, not a nucleus, some cells don't have nucleus but they still have DNA.

Is there DNA in neurons?

All cells in the body (except those that do not contain a nucleus) contain DNA

Does a plant cell contain nucleus?

Yes, plant cells contain a nucleus.

Do all living cells contain a nucleus?

Yes but there is one exception - red blood cells.

Animal cells contain?

Animal cells contain everything plant cells do except chloroplasts. They contain all membrane bound organelles and an enclosed nucleus but they do not have cell walls.

What lacks a nucleus?

Prokaryotic cells are cells that do not have a nucleus. Eukaryotic cells do contain a nucleus. The nucleus of the eukaryotic cell is where the genetic material is contained.

What cells contain membrane bound structures and a nucleus with DNA in it?

Eukaryotic cells contain membrane-bound organelles and a nucleus.

What is a cell called that does not contain a nucleus?

A cell that does not contain a nucleus is bacteri.Mature red blood cells also lack a nucleus.eukaryotic cells do not have a nucleus or any other organelles. Prokaryotic cells are the opposite and have a nucleus organelles.

What types of cells contain a nucleus?

Eukaryotic cells