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No, not all insurance companies require that you take a physical in order to get a policy. One such example is GEICO and Allstate.

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: Do all life insurance companies require that you take a physical in order to get a policy?
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If you have a permit do all insurance companies require you to be added to your parents policy?


How do you renew a health insurance policy?

online renewal of policy does not require physical inspection of the vehicle. Buy Two Wheelar Insurance Policy:

Does your husband have a life insurance policy on you?

Your husband cannot legally obtain life insurance on you without your knowledge. And most companies require at least a cursory physical before agreeing to insure someone.

Am I required to have a homeowner insurance policy?

Unless you've totally paid off your house, mortgage companies will generally require you to have a homeowners policy.

How are insurance companies funded?

Insurance companies' sources of funds are primarily policy premiums.

Do you need homeowners insurance before closing?

Yes, Mortgage Finance Companies require that Your Home Hazard Insurance Policy be in place before you can close the sale.

Is a cancelled fire insurance policy reinstatable?

You should contact your Insurance Company and ask them. Different Insurance companies have their own rules. Some will but they are gonna have a time limit or may require you reapply for a new policy. You just have to ask.

How do you check car insurance policy on net?

Only your Insurance Companies own website will give you access to your auto insurance policy.

Which companies offer cheap insurance rates?

There are so many companies that offer cheap insurance. The best cheap insurance companies are Geico and Progressive and you can complete your policy online with these companies.

Are there any auto insurance companies that do not immediately require a down payment in order to put the policy into force?

There are quite a few companies that will insure a person and not require money upfront. It depends upon your credit rating and your license record.

When in a car accident that is not your fault dose the other Insurance company pay for the car rental Insurance?

Yes, as long as you had comprehensive and collision insurance on your own policy. Rental companies require you to have these and the other party will not pay for them.

Do you need to be added to your parents auto insurance policy when you have a learners permit?

Have your parents contact your insurance agent as soon as you receive your learners permit. Most companies require that you be added to policy as a driver. Most companies don't charge an extra premium for drivers with learners permits but do want them listed.

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