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they do need all tht stuff dam it plant need everything and plants need water wer Eva they are so yea dayna i answered this one :P

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Do kidney bean plants need water to grow?

All plants need water to grow.

What effect does water have on plants?

All plants need water to survive and grow.

Can all plants grow in water?

Not all plants can grow in water.

What do all plants need to live and grow?

water that is all some plants dont need sun or dirt

What is it called when plants grow in water rather than soil?

The growing of plants in water is hydroponics. Its not just water you need to grow hydroponic plants though, u need to mix in a nutrient solution that has all the nutrients your plants need.

How does moisture get in popcorn?

All plants need water to grow.

What plant does not need water?

All plants need a little bit of water so that they can grow

Do plants need water and why?

Yes, because the water has minerals or nutrients to help the plant grow. Plants do need water to drink, we all need water to survive.

Why might the desert seem bare one day and green the next?

Plants need all the features to grow. In deserts, all the ungrown plants get sunlight etc. and all they need then is water. When it rains, the plants get water and they grow in just a night.

Why do some plants need no water at all?

because plants only need light and soil to grow healthy

How do you make plants grow with water?

Plants need water to perform all of their other normal activities, including growth. If you give them water, plants will be able to absorb necessary nutrients from the soil that will enable them to do photosynthesis and to get the energy they need to grow.

Why does India use their water for Agriculture?

dude we all do. plants need water to grow no matter where you our

Will all plants grow in salt water?

No. Not all the plants can grow in seline water. Only Mangrove plants & sea-weeds can grow. For example, Rhizophora, Avisenia.

What plants grow in water and soil?

Every plant you see grows in soil but water is there just to keep it good all plants need water

Will plants grow faster in hot water or salt water?

No, most plants will not grow at all in salt water.

Why plants should be watered with fresh water?

because plants need to be watered with fresh water so they can grow better and all healthy

Which plants do not need soil to grow?

all plants

Why did celery grow bigger in water?

You know that all plants need water and celery is a plant that is why it grows bigger in water.

Does plants grow in soil or water?

They can grow in soil and water with sunlight. plus all plants can not live without water.

Which process in the water cycle is responsible for giving plants all over the world the water they need to grow?


How and where can you grow hydroponic and aeroponic plants?

nasa has successfully used hydroponics to grow potatoes in space. all you need is a temperature which is suitable for your plants to live and water.

Do plants need sunlight and water or soil and water?

Plants need energy from the sun, water from the soil, and carbon from the air to grow. Air is mostly made of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. ... Water is another important material plants need to grow, and they get it by absorbing it through their roots.

Do all plants need soil to grow?

No theydo not. Plants in the Rainforest can grow on trees.

Do plants need light to grow healthy?

Plants need light to grow at all. Except fungi.

How can plants grow without water?

Plants cannot grow without water. All plants require some moisture, it varies with type.

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