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Sharks are born with a certain number of teeth. These are formed in spiral rows, with all but the tooth they are using folded flat. If one tooth gets knocked out, another one in the row will move into place. If the shark lost all of it's teeth, it would starve.

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Do a lion's teeth grow back?

No, if a lion loses a tooth it does not grow back. When sharks lose teeth they do grow back and spiders can regrow a leg when it is lost.

When great white sharks lose there teeth how does it grow back?

They can grow it back easily. The replacement tooth grows fast.

When dogs lose teeth do they grow them back?

If they lose there baby teeth then they will grow them back, but if they lose there grown up teeth then they are gone forever.

How many teeth do sharks have?

Sharks have five to fifteen rows of teeth, and may have up to 3000 teeth at one time. Technically, sharks do not have teeth as they are actually sharpened scales, that's why they grow back so quickly when they lose them so easily

Do dogs grow seocnd set of teeth?

If you mean do they lose their puppy teeth and grow adult teeth, yes... if you mean do their adult teeth grow back if they somehow lose them, then no

How much teeth does a shark have?

Sharks are constantly shedding and regrowing their teeth. Over a lifetime they can lose and grow up to 50,000 teeth.

Will cats die if wiskers are cut?

they will grow back they will not die if one of their whiskers fall out it is like us we lose our teeth and our teeth grow into adult teeth right? will for them they lose their whiskers and like I said they grow back.

Which animal continually grows teeth throughout his life?

Sharks continually grow teeth throughout their life. When sharks bite things or animals they lose teeth but replace them with new ones.

How often do sharks lose teeth?

Usually every time they do aggressive feeding, however they can grow back more than enough in a short amount of time.

Do first permanent teeth grow back once more if they fall out in a child?

you can get two teeth your primary "baby: teeth and your permanent "adult" teeth. when you lose you adult teeth it will not grow back

How many bones does whale shark have?

sharks teeth? sharks have the most powerful jaws on the planet:). And a shark bites with it lower jaw first and then it upper. If sharks lose a teeth a grow anouther one. Almost all sharks are "cornivores" or meat eaters. There skin is made of denticlessharks teeth? sharks have the most powerful jaws on the planet:). And a shark bites with it lower jaw first and then it upper. If sharks lose a teeth a grow anouther one. Almost all sharks are "cornivores" or meat eaters. There skin is made of denticles

Do hamsters lose teeth?

Hamsters may lose 1-2 teeth but shouldn't do really!! As hamsters only have 3 teeth ... they could grow back!! But it's very unhealthy for a hamster ... I would see a vet Hamsters can lose teeth but it should grow back in a few weeks.

Why do sharks lose their teeth?

they lose there teeth just like we lose our.And they have more teeth than us so they lose more

Does everyone lose their back teeth and do they grow back?

Oh yeah. Fo sho.

What happens if you lose your adult teeth?

They aint gon grow back!

What happen if you lose adult teeth?

They won't grow back. Ever.

How does the shark have extra teeth?

well yes, the great white sharks have up to 7 teeth so when they lose their teeth they come back quickly.

Do cats lose their k-9s?

Kittens lose their deciduous teeth (baby/kitten teeth) at around 5 to 6 months of age, and the adult canine teeth grow in. Adult cats may lose these teeth due to injury or disease, and new teeth do not grow back.

How many teeth do sharks lose?

It takes at least 3-5 minuets for a new tooth to grow into a sharks mouth. Shark can loose at least 30,000 teath in their lifetime.

Do second molars come out and grow back?

Yes, They grow back because you have 20 baby teeth and those are the last four to lose .

Which baby teeth can grow back?

All baby teeth are deciduous (they fall out) and do not grow back. However, after they fall out, they are typically replaced by the permanent "adult" teeth. Sometimes, though, the baby teeth don't fall out. And sometimes, the adult teeth don't grow in. But "normally" a child will lose all their teeth and they will be replaced by their permanent teeth.

Do children lose their first teeth and grow new teeth?

Yes, when children lose their first/'Milk' teeth they grow new teeth. Sometimes they all grow at once and get crammed up in their Mouth's they'll need braces, eventually - when they've lost around about all of their 'Milk' teeth they'll grow rather large molars at the back.

Can your back teeth grow back after the age of thirteen?

Humans generally have two sets of teeth: deciduous (baby) teeth and permanent teeth. Most people lose their first set of teeth between the ages of about 6 to 12. These teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth. If you lose a baby tooth after 13 or any age, it will be replaced by a permanent tooth. If you lose a permanent tooth, it won't be replaced- although if you have the tooth and can get to a dentist very quickly, they can sometimes be saved. Teeth don't ever "grow back".

What are facts about sharks?

Sharks lose their teeth in 2 weeks Sharks are usually found in 75 degree water

How many teeth do cookiecutter sharks have?

Depends, they could lose teeth, and gain some.