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A lot of models would have really fast metabolisms, others would probably starve themselves and work out like crazy to get toned.

If you want to become toned (not super-model thin!) try do some cardio exercises. Kick boxing is a lot of fun and is a great way to get rid of excess stress!

And a good, healthy eating plan always works, too


these models have the money to hide and fix any problems they get physically,

also if you look at them in certain lights they DO look VERY anorexic, they look to me like they are about to drop any second,

but they again have the money to help "fix" any noticeable internal and external problems.

normal girls don't and that's the real danger,

if you get that thin YOU will be likely to die,

THEY get all kinds of strange and expensive things to keep them going, typical vitamins certainly wont help them, so they will have to be getting something to keep living, walking and working and starve themselves

and the ones that have that muscle tone do because some do work out, (but they work out too much especially in relation to their diets)

also i wouldn't be surprised if some of them were buying implants ie you can get calf muscle implants so why not for the arm too, (i think these people would implant a silicone heart if they could because they can certainly afford it)

some could possibly be taking some kind of steroid,

any of these things are possible, don't take at face value the fact that they have muscle definition, are thin and still seem to be getting on fine- they wont be fine.

and all because they know if they look bad unfit and ill on screen and in mags then people would know the truth about their health

and they would be hounded out of the business for that and for giving the worst impression of health and fitness to girls and women

you will see what you want to see in these people,teenage and young girls look and see healthy, pretty,sexy admirable,desired and happy women.

i look and see what they are very ill, very pathetic, very controlled, very stressed and very sad and unhappy individuals.

i look and see how bad it is today, they ALL seem to look like that now and this is what makes it look normal,

even all the supermodel of the 80s and 90s look like that now when they didnt before,

its NOT normal to look like that, you are sick if you look like that, and you don't want to be sick.

and you most certainly don't want to die at a young age because you don't know any better.

when you actually see how thin and ill they and any real anorexic is you see how terrible it is. it is a fatal disease, these models, singers and movie stars are mostly all sick with it. they can just pay well to hide it well on tv.

take a second look at these people,

without all the lashings of make up,

without touch ups from professionals,

without all the thousands of hair products

without all the lighting and youll see they do look thin and ill

their eyes are hollow and bland with no sparkle or life, their skin is always spotty, dry and blotchy they have lots of bags and lines under their eyes, their hair is thin and stringy

make up and hair products are a savior of women for a reason-it can hide everything if put on right,

ive seen plenty of pics of these models with out all the make up etc and that's what you see, because that's actually what they look like

exercise is very healthy and fun, but so is eating, its just finding the balance that works for you and your goal, as long as your goal is to be healthy and fit you will never look like them and you shouldn't.


Answer:ok, honestly most of them are built very thin to begin with, they just eat very healthy and work out vigorously. they are not necessarily anorexic. most of them look healthy. designers don;t want to show their clothes off on twigs.
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Q: Do all supermodels starve themselves and if so why do they have muscle tone and don't look anorexic?
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Do all supermodels starve themselves?

No. There are many supermodels that choose exercise and proper diets instead of starving themselves.

What is the diet for an anorexic?

Anorexic people do not eat anything. They starve themselves due to mental conditions.

Can anorexic dieters can starve themselves to death?

Yah!!! Of course u retard!

Do anorexic people try to lose weight by excercising?

Yes, they do. They excercise exessively as well as starve themselves, but not in all cases.

How do you treat yourself if your an anerexic?

Being anorexic myself, i can answer this question. All anorexics treat themselves differently they punish themselves and starve there self. Some anerexic people may harm themselves.

Anorexic dieters can starve themselves to death?

Yes they can. A great many people have died for that reason, including Karen Carpenter, who was a famous and successful singer.

If fat burns before muscle and you starve and exercise the fat will go away and you can maintain some muscle right?

No !!! Canabalism will form and your muscles will begin to feed on themselves. Muscles live off protein which is muscle rebuilder. Carbs=energy Protein=muscle rebuilder Fat=Fat you cannot starve yourselve that does not help!!!!!!!

If you starve yourself for a long time but don't do a lot of exercise will you become anorexic?

yes you sure can

What does anerestic mean?

An Anorexic person suffering from a is a psychological disorder called anorexia, which makes someone believe they will become fat if they eat. The disorder leads people to starve themselves putting their health in danger.

If you starve yourself but do weight exercises at the same time will you lose muscle mass?

Of course you will lose muscle mass if you don't eat enough protein and other foods to get those vitamins a body needs. Starving yourself could cause you to end up becoming Anorexic and even Bulimic and that's not a pretty picture. Anorexics especially can starve themselves or at least eat so little that their bodies begin to feed of itself and eventually this can cause organs to shut-down and heart attacks leading to death!

Why are people anorexia?

People become Anorexic in the effort to appear thinner. They contract Anorexia Nervosa because whatever the reason, Public or Social Stress, etc, they feel that they are obese to a level they can not stand. So, they starve themselves.

Could being anorexic have an affect on having kids?

Yes it can if the person with Anorexia doesn't get some counseling. Anorexics starve themselves because they envision themselves as fat. When you starve yourself the brain lacks the protein it needs, other organs start to break down and the body basically begins to feed off itself. Anorexics will also stop having periods and you need periods to have children.

What phobia is the fear of anorexic people?

Phobia (from Greek word) means fear. Anorexic people are fearing to gain any weight and do not eat daily proper quantity and quality of food necessary for a healthy survival. They consequently usually starve to death or expose themselves to deadly diseases and mostly leave this world quite soon.

You only eat a bagel in then you starve the rest of the day does that make you an anorexic?

No, not at all, actually. First of all, an anorexic probably wouldn't eat a whole bagel at once. Even if you want to, if you're truly anorexic, you can't, trust me. Second of all, if it's just one day, then you're not considered anorexic, you just didn't eat much that day. It has to be something regular for it to be given the title anorexic. Besides, what lots of people don't realize is this: You aren't anorexic unless you're underweight. If you're normal weight, but you starve yourself, you are simply fasting, or starving yourself, until you're underweight.

You think you might be anorexic?

Do you think you're fat? Do you starve yourself because you think you're fat? If so you may be anorexic, but please don't jump to any conclusions, this is just a simple idea

Why did Karen Carpenter starve herself?

She thought she was fat. So that's why she starved herself. It's called : being anorexic.

How do you starve yourself better?

I'm sorry, but WikiAnswers is meant to be a place where questions are answered that are there to help or educate or assist a person. Suggesting methods that encourages a person to starve themselves "better", which would be like describing how to become anorexic (a potentially fatal and life-endangering disease), would not be helping, but would be promoting this dangerous life style.

Why shouldn't people starve themselves?

Bacause your gau

Is Taylor Swift anorexic?

Not currently but in her documentary she said she used to starve herself

What is the difference between a blonde and a refrigerator?

Refrigerators stuff themselves while blondes starve themselves!!

If you don't eat will you die?

eventually yes. It will take about 40-50 days and will be agonizing as your organs shut down and eat themselves one by one. Yes i wanted to starve myself but i saw anorexic people & i nearly puked but if you don't eat you will eventually die!

Why do models starve themselves?

Models have no life, all they know is the runway and what people want to see so they starve themselves to become smaller in size, just to wear something nobody can afford.

Is it okay for 15 year olds to starve themselves?

It is not OK for anyone to starve them selves because this activity leads to damage to the body.

How long before you start losing weight if your anorexic?

About a week. Unless you drink lots of water, it will be mostly water weight loss the first week. After that, it will speed up, then after a longer while, it will slow down because you have ruined your metabolism. If you starve yourself for just a few weeks, you're not anorexic yet, you are just dumb. If you continue on this path, you will eventually classify as anorexic, but it takes a significantly underweight person to be an anorexic.

How long have people been trying to starve themselves?

7 days