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only right tringles or HL triangles have at least 1 right angle

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Do triangles have at least one right angle?

Triangles can be classified by their sides or their angles. When classifying them by their angles, triangles are called: acute triangles - all three angles are acute (less than 90º) right triangles - one right angle (90º) and two acute angles obtuse triangles - one obtuse angle (larger than 90º) and two acute angles

Do all triangles have two acute angles?

INCORRECT: No because there is a obtuse triangle and a right triangleCORRECT ANSWERYes all triangles have at least two acute angles. Obtuse triangles and right triangles also have at least two acute angles. They are called obtuse triangles and right triangles because by definition they are triangles with ONE obtuse angle and ONE right angle. So therefore they both have 2 acute angles. Also for an acute triangle, it would have 3 acute angles.

Does a triangle have 1 right angle?

Not all triangles have 1 right angle but they can have a maximum of 1 right angle.

What is the measure of a right angle?

All triangles measure 180degrees you need at least to of the measures to find the measure of each.

Do all triangles have right angle?

No. Only right triangles do, and not all triangles can be right triangles. Equilateral triangles, for example, are always 60°-60°-60°. Isosceles and scalene triangles can be right triangles; all isosceles triangles have the additional useful property of being able to be split into two right triangles.

Are All right triangles are congruent?

yes all right angle are congruent.

Do all right triangles have acute angles?

All right angle triangles have a 90 degree angle and two acute angles that add up to 90 degrees

Does an isosceles triangle have a right angle in it?

An isosceles triangle may have a right angle, but a right angle is not a requirement of all isosceles triangles.

What do all right triangles have in common?

All right angle triangles have a 90 degree angle and two acute angles which all together the 3 angles add up to 180 degrees.

Do all acute triangles have only one acute angle?

No. All triangles MUST have at least two acute angles.

Can Pythagorean Theorem be used on all types of triangles?

No it can only be used with right angle triangles.

What kind of triangles are there?

There are many kind of triangles. These are the following: Acute, Right, and Obtuse are actual angles. Scalene, Isosceles, and Equilateral are all actual triangles. But, you can have any triangle with any angle. Like a scalene triangle with a Right angle, or an Isosceles triangle with an Obtuse angle.Acute is a triangle with an angle less than 90 degrees. So it is smaller than a Right triangle. To make and Acute triangle, you need at least two Acute angles.Right triangle have at least on right angle. Right angles are angles that re exactly 90 degrees. If you put a cube right where the angle went, both sides would be perfectly straight.Obtuse triangles are triangles with at least one Obtuse angles. They are always bigger than 90 degrees. They are larger than a Right triangle. If you spread your legs apart, you would have an Obtuse angle.Scalene triangles are triangles with all of the sides different lengths. Each side is either longer or shorter, they are never the same.Isosceles triangles are triangles with two sides the same lengths. The other side is either longer or shorter.Equilateral triangles are triangles with ever side the same exact length. They all are exactly the same. If one is different, it's not an Equilateral triangle.

Do triangles have a right angles?

Of all the triangular shapes, only a right angle triangle has one right angle (90 degrees).

Do all triangles have an acute angle?

All triangles have at least 2 acute angles. All 3 angles of a triangle will equal 180 degrees.

Do all parallelograms have at least one right angle?

The simple answer is no, not all parallelograms have at least one right angle. However, there are some that do. Rectangles and squares are 'special' parallelograms that all have at least one right angle.

Does right angled triangle has 90 degrees?

All triangles have 180o. A right-angled triangle has one right angle. A right angle is 90o.

Is L a theorem is all about right triangles?

If you are referring to Pythagoras' theorem for right angle triangles then the theorem states that for any right angle triangle the square of its hypotenuse is equal to the sum of its squared sides.

Can all triangles have right angles?

yes they can,they can have right angles because if you turn it then you would have a right angle

Are all 30-60-90 triangles isosceles?

No because 30-60-90 triangles are right angle triangles

What is the difference between right angle triangle and all other types triangles?

right angle triangles have a 90˙ angle as one of their angles. All triangles' angles have to add up to 180˙, so the total of the remaining 2 angles has to be 90˙. Other regular triangles are non-specific, their angles just have to add up to 180˙ total.

What shapes has a square corner?

All right angle triangles have a square corner

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