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The vagina is the internal part of the female genitals, on the outside the vaginal opening will look pretty much the same for everyone. If you mean the vulva, which is the external part of the female genitals, then these vary greatly and every vulva is different.

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Do vaginas look different?

All the parts are the same but just like other bodyparts they all look different in different people. Size and colors for instance.

Do all volcanoes look the same?

Inside they do But outside they do not. They are all different but all have the same things.

Are there different types of vaginas?

Vaginas come in slightly different shapes/sizes, but they all have 2 basic purposes--as a birth canal and as a sex organ for pleasure and obtaining sperm. Vaginas can expand greatly when aroused and even more during child-birth. Viginas are all basically the same.The outward detailing may vary a bit.But on the inside most women look the same.

Why don't guys have vaginas?

lol why do dogs have penis's and vaginas why do all mammals have penis's and vaginas?? because we evolved that way in order to procreate... why else??

Are there diffrent types of vaginas?

If this is a serious question, yes... they all look different.... the labia, (or lips of the vagina) on some vaginas look different, and some are more visible on some than others. The clitoris is also more or less visible depending on the vagina, lol... :)

Do all aliens look the same?

no do we all look the same probably not

Do all lighthouses look the same?

No, not all lighthouses look the same.

Do all leaves look alike?

No. There are many leaves for many plants. Just go look outside. Are the leaves on the trees the same as the leaves and the bushes? Flowers? Plants? No. There are many leaves for many plants. Just go look outside. Are the leaves on the trees the same as the leaves and the bushes? Flowers? Plants?

Women of what race have the smallest vagina?

philipino women have round and shortest vaginas

Are Asian pussies slanted?

Some are. The Asian women have the same anatomy as all other women so all their vaginas are different. There is no specific "Asian vagina".

Why do constellations always look the same?

They don't - they all look different. Why do you think they all look the same?

What does the inside of a girls vagina look like?

it is red-pink coloured and does not have any pubic hairs. all vaginas look different and everone has their own unique one. by jodie :D

Why do Chinese look the same?

Chinese do NOT look the same. It's a matter of what you are use to or not use to. Many Chinese can not differentiate between different westerners. To say all Chinese look the same is the same as saying all blondes look the same or all brunettes look the same.

Who is vaginas better Asian white black?

It's all the same, feels the same, maybe some a little tighter than the other. But, all vagina type, race or color will all fit any penis type, race or color perfectly. Most people think Asian vaginas are best though. Because they say they are smaller and thus, tighter. Really depends.

Does the leaf look the same all the way through?

yes it does they all look the same

Do all elephants look the same?

All elephants do look the same. There are 2 types of elephants, African and Asian. But they don't look the same.

Are gangsters real?

No, they're all vaginas. Fake as hell.

What did Hitler promise the young people?

Willies and vaginas for all!

Why do families look the same?

families look the same because they all have genes that are the same...

Why do cookies look different?

Not all cookies look the same because they are not all made the same way

How do vaginas smell?

Vaginas can not smell, they have no nose. But the odour can vary from no scent at all, to the smell of sushi. It can also just smell like nasty body sweat.

Do all plant cells look the same?

Nope. Not all of them. Same types may look the same, but most likely that they don't.

Do all your cells look and act the same?

yes they do look and act the same

Do any two killer whales look the same?

They all look about the same to me.

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