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Do almonds hurt dogs?

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Almonds are not unhealthy for dogs but when feeding a dog an almond do not give the dog too many cause it will upset the dogs stomach. Be sure to watch your dog eat them as it could cut their gums or the lining of their mouth.

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What will happen if your dog eats almonds?

Almonds can be toxic for dogs.

Can black labs eat almonds?

No almonds are toxic to dogs.

Can dogs eat almonds?

Dogs shouldn't eat almonds or any nuts as they are very hard to digest.

Is it bad for dogs to eat roasted almonds?

Roasted almonds are bad for dogs to eat. Dogs should not eat any kind of nuts.

Is it okay to give a dog almonds?

It is not ok to give dogs Almonds.

Are almons toxic for dogs?

It depends. Most almonds contain cyanide ( a poisonous compound). We don't eat these almonds, so the almonds that we can eat are ok for dogs, but don't eat or feed anything wild almonds.

Why is it dangerous for dogs to eat almonds?

Almonds contain small amounts of cyanide. Humans can digest these and change them into non-poison, but dogs can't.

Why does my stomach hurt after eating almonds?

Intolerance to almonds. Your body lacks the enzymes needed to properly digest them.

Is it ok to give your dog almonds for a treat?

Of course, dogs love almonds, nuts, etc. giving them a treat of almonds would be great

What will hurt dogs?

giraffes hurt dogs

Are pecans almonds or cashews bad for dogs?

Dogs can have peanut butter with no sugar or salt. I think pecans, almonds, and cashews are too difficult for them to digest. If your not sure ask your vet.

Can dogs hurt kittens?

yes dogs can hurt kittens if you teach your dog not to hurt them the kittens wont get hurt and keep cats where dogs cant find them.

Will green apples hurt dogs?

Only To some dogs but to dogs like labs or pugs they will not hurt them put to small dogs they might

Do frogs hurt dogs?

No not at all. But, if the frog as something wrong with it, it might hurt dogs.

How can almonds affect dogs?

You should never feed your dog almonds because: 1.Very hard to digest 2.High fat content

My 24 pound dog ate almonds what should you do?

Almonds can be toxic to dogs. One almond should be okay for a small dog but if you are worried, call your vet.

Does cinnamon hurt dogs?

Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs.

A dog ate two almonds will he be sick?

No, almonds is a natural food component for a dog. In free nature dogs will find (and eat) almonds, apples, carrots, chestnuts, figs, raisins and even olives. It is healthy food for a dog.

How does almonds affect dogs?

Currently almonds are not considered toxic to dogs. However, they do have a high fat content that, when eaten in large quantities, can result in vomiting, diarrhea or occasionally the more serious condition of pancreatitis. Also, salted almonds can cause salt toxicosis (vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, neurologic signs) when eaten in large quantities.

When dogs bark does it hurt them or no?


Can millipedes hurt dogs?


Will cheese hurt dogs?

Not at all, dogs love cheese!

Why do people hurt their dogs when they bark?

Never hurt your dogs. You can say "no.", But don't hurt them. if you say "NO" IN A LOUD voice then the dog will know that you are angry and he did something wrong

Are almonds ok for little dogs?

No they are horrible for dogs! They can make then throw-up or even something a little more gross! Do not feed your dogs almonds they will get sick feed them dog chow dog treats or like cheese NO nuts for them its horrible for them unless it like in a paste then it will be fine like peanut butter that is good for dogs!!!! But NOT whole peanuts that is very bad!!

Will lime hurt your dog?

a lime will not hurt a dog it is harmless to dogs