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The only train that currently has wireless internet is the Acela Express. There is also wifi in most stations. But for all places and trains, you could rent a wireless aircard from a rental company such as Aircards work where ever there is cell coverage. And there are no interruptions when passing between cell towers.

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Q: Do amtrak trains have wireless internet?
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Does Amtrak have power outlets on trains?

Yes. But it is possible that some trains do not. You can count on all trains on Amtrak running between Boston and Washington DC, and west to Harrisburg, PA having power outlets available for you. Most trains on these lines also now offer free wireless internet. However, the availability of both may not be available in other areas in the US.

What do amtrak trains look like? Search Amtrak

How often does the Amtrak Acela Express train run?

The Amtrak Acela Express train runs every hour. Recently, Amtrak made the decision to boost the internet service on their trains, and the Acela Express Train was one of the first to experience the upgrade in internet access (which included the addition of free Wi-Fi on each of these trains).

How are Amtrak trains powered?

Amtrak trains in most of the country run on a combination of diesel fuel and electric generators. Amtrak trains on the Northeast Corridor between Washington DC and Boston use electric locomotives fed by overhead catenary.

Do Amtrak trains go from Chicago to Tampa Florida?


Are there any Amtrak trains that serve Portland and Seattle?

Yes Amtrak Trains serve routes in both Portland and Seattle. There are Amtrak Cascades routes that serve Seattle and Coast Starlight route that serves Portland.

Does Amtrak go to bangor me.?

Amtrak trains do not go to Bangor. Amtrak Thruway Bus service is available three times a day from Portland, ME.

Does an amtrak train go 247?

Yes, except for some corridor trains like Amtrak Cascades.

Is amtrak a diesal or electric train?

amtrak is a company that owns trains. most amtrak trains are diesel but in the north east (NY, Penn, NH MD, CT, DC, etc) there is catenary for electric trains so amtrak is both diesel and electric. Answer: I live in NJ and I take Amtrak to the south. So from NJ to Washingto, DC it runs electric. Once in DC, they announce that the train will be switching over to diesel.

What trains on amtrak have AAA discounts?

All Amtrak trains except Acela Express are eligible for the 10% AAA discount. You must book at least three days in advance to receive the discount.

Will amtrak take me from Miami to Saint Augustine fl?

St. Augustine does not have Amtrak service. The closest Amtrak station is Palatka. There are two trains daily between Miami and Palatka.

Can you takefood on the amtrak train?

I believe so as these trains are only domestically run

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