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Do angels exist?

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There is no evidence or proof for the existence of angels in the form they are typically thought of. Like many other things of that type, believers don't need proof and nonbelievers don't have it, so whatever you think is right for you.

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Do angels exist from heaven?

Angels exist from Heaven, Fallen angels did originate in heaven but no longer do. Weeping angels.... er... Originate from elsewhere.. Answer No. Angels are mythical and so is heaven.

How are the real angels made?

Those who believe angels exist say that real angels are not made. They were created by God in the beginning.Those who believe angels do not exist say that real angels are not made. They are figments of imagination.

Do fallen angels exist?

Yes fallen angels do exist as they have been sent down to hell, like Lucifer.

How many angels does Allah have?

Allah doesn't exist, so she/he/it does not have any angels. Angels don't exist either. If you are talking about fiction, it depends on the story you are using as a source.

What is earth angels?

there is no such things as earth angels as angels are divine however angels exist on earth but are invisible to human eye

Do angels exist in the Jewish religion?


Are Mermaids angels or spirits?

Neither...they do not exist!

What religions are worshipping angels?

While Jewish and Christian people believe that angels exist a species, there are no religions that worship angels.

Are angels alive today?

There is no way to prove whether angels exist or not - so you can believe that they do if you want to.

What does Islam say about beliefs in angels?

Islam says angels exist and are servants of God and Muslims believe in them. but belief in angels is not from the principal believes of Islam.

How can you see a good angel?

If we could really see angels, we would know that angels do actually exist, but there is no way to see an angel, good or bad, except perhaps in our imagination. Whether or not God is real, there is no reason to believe in the existence of angels:If God exists, he is omniscient and omnipotent, meaning there is no reason for angels to exist. They would not perform a function that God could not do easily.There is no proof that God exists. If God does not exist, guardian angels are most unlikely to exist.Therefore, the likelihood of angels being real is close to zero. And if they are not real, you will never see one.

Angels wont make contact?

There is no evidence that angels exist; so it is safe to presume that they are the invention of a fertile imagination.

Is there scientific evidence to support the claim that angels are real?

The most widely accepted answer to this question is no, there is no scientific evidence that angels exist. There are some who believe that seeing science cannot disprove angels exist either, the evidence is inconclusive. This is known as the burden of proof.

Are angels always a Christian symbol?

Accounts of "angels" exist in the Old Testament. Christianity did not exist until around 33AD, and the faith as we know it today didn't exist until the Middle Ages. Older religions have similar accounts of celestial beings. The answer is, no.

Are demons ghost and spirits real?

Demons and Spirits exist as do Angels.

Do angels make noise?

Angels do not make any noise or do anything that would betray their presence. In fact, if you did not read about them in books you believe to be true, you would have no reason to think that angels exist.

Do angels have hearts?

I am inclined to believe that angels do not have physical hearts because they are immortal and exist on a spiritual plane. But the truth will not be known in this lifetime.

Do angels really exist?

Angels are not proven, but the Old Testament and Koran speak of them, and many people have claimed encounters with them over the centuries. Personally, I believe they exist, for whatever it is worth to you.Angels do exsist. There is lots of proof, but just because something is not seen, heard, or smelt, it does not mean they are not there. Angels are spiritual messengers and will always be there for us. They were created by God.

Does demon exist before fallen angel?

No, because demons are fallen angels.

What is the hawaiian translation for angels exist?

nā anela e Kū nei

Do angels get thirsty?

If angels exist in reality, they are pure spirits that do not need material things such as food or water. Another view is that they exist only in our imagination and only need material things such as food or water if that is what our description of them requires.

Do fairy godd parents exist?

God parents, yes, fairies, no. Angels, debatable.

How many games did the Yankees Angels win in 2012?

It is very unclear what this question refers to. Teams called Los Angeles Angels and New York Yankees exist, but nothing under the name Yankees Angels.

How do you know who your guardian angel is?

You can't really find out unless it is revealed to you. I guess you could find out after judgment day. There is no evidence that particular angels are assigned to people as guardians.

Are angels true?

Their existence comes down to faith even more than some other traditions. Take it one step at a time:If God is omniscient, there is no reason for angels to exist. They would not perform a function that God could not do easily.The term 'angel' is not found in the Bible prior to the Babylonian Exile , so on scriptural grounds they are unlikely to be real.If God does not exist, angels are most unlikely to exist. There is no proof that God exists.Therefore, the likelihood of angels being real is about zero.