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Do animals become uneasy before an earthquake occurs?



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Yes, some can, but some animals are more sensitive than others. There was a region in China that even implemented a call line of odd animal behavior to research its effacacy in earthquake prediction. Basically they were seeing if a spike in call volume correlated with an imminent earthquake. (from Rupert Sheldrake's "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home"). I do not know how that ultimately worked out (i do not know how to aquire that data), but odd/unusual/uneasy behavior in a variety of animals has been observed and recorded by many people. Yes its a fact. it has been noticed that before an earthquake occurs, animals change their behavior patterns and start acting hastily. They tend to run about and cattle reduce their grazing amount, thus giving little milk. The exact reason for this is still a matter of debate and the topic has become a separate topic of study among many scientists of fields like parapsychology and animal behavioral sciences. Animals have reacted to many different types of disasters including storms, earthquakes and others.