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The vast majority of animals do not perspire at all. Only selected mammals perform this function.

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They're made of the same stuff, they grow in the same way, they do the same ting for the body in both humans and animals.

The same reason we do, the only way they know how. Humans have to learn to walk and run, with animals it is instinct.

The same way that humans do!

i think it the same way as humans

Humans are on Earth because that is where they evolved, in the same way, and at the same time as all the other animals.

They do, but not in the same way as humans. And all animals (except humans and dolphins) only mate to reproduce. Hope that helps! :)

i think the same way as humans, through food

Humans and animals do have some similar basic learning capabilities. However, a person has processing abilities in their brains that animals do not have.

Without same intelligence level/emotional capacity as humans, animals cannot perceive time in the same way

They are both alive and they are both animals.

Rabies can infect humans if the human is bitten by a rabid animal. --It infects humans, but it does NOT effect them the same way it effects animals. Not an answer to the question.

It will only waste effort and potentially even frustrate the animal. Animals are not wired the same way as humans.

Dogs don't perspire. That's why they pant. It's their way of cooling off by breathing fast. Like after humans run, they pant to recover. Only dogs do it all the time.

I believe animals use hydrogen the same way humans do. Please improve if needed!

same way as in humans or other animals....

No unless you want to stick your vagina or penis into a animals thing?? yuck

Malaria affects animals in the same way as in humans, but the size of the animal can depend on how quick or powerfull the malaria is.

The same way humans do. By different types of mutations.

humans are in a way animals so I would have to say construction workers that make dams

Same way humans do. Same way humans do.

Animals have emotions, feelings and personalities just as humans do. Humans and animals share a wide range of similarities, from physically to mentally. Animals also think the same way as humans, they can also plan (For example: A plan to capture prey).

The same way that we humans and all other animals that have a respiratory system does of course!!

yes but not all in the same way different animals have different adjustments to their lungs than humans do and not all animals breathe through or have lungs :)

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