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No, ankle weights make a more harder to lift which give better results.

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Q: Do ankle weights increase your height?
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Do wearing ankle weights while playing sports increase your height?

no ankle weights are used to increase speed therefor when you take them off you are much faster

What is the purpose of ankle weights?

The purpose of using ankle weights is very simple. When you use ankle weights you are doing so to increase resistance.

Do ankle weights increase your speed?

yes in the long run they build leg muscles and then you can get faster

Who makes the best ankle weights?

The Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle Weights are highly recommended.

Where can you buy ankle weights?

You can buy ankle weights at the Jackpot shop. Is is very well known for its ankle weights. The owner, Jackpot also wears nothing except ankle weight so he was arrested but the shop is still running.

What should you do in ankle weights to increase your speed?

you just take a walk for at least a half a mile then do leg exercising

Do ankle weights stop your growth?

The only thing ankle weights do is make your legs stronger and vertical higher.

Do ankle weights help with thigh fat?

Using ankle weights can definetley help with reducing thigh weight.

Where can one find inexpensive ankle weights for sale?

One should not have a problem purchasing inexpensive ankle weights. Some online sources for inexpensive ankle weights are: Sports Unlimited, Nextag, Beso, and Bizrate.

Are ankle weights safe?


Is good to use ankle weights for running?

No. When you use ankle weights you are just adding prussre to places in your body that don't need it. So it is not recemended

Does ankle weights make you faster?

yes they do because of the weights, they build up your ankle muscles which, makes your ankles so used to them, you will become faster

Do ankle weights work for improving high kicks?

No, ankle weights do not work for improving high kicks. They strengthen your legs thus making them stronger.

What ankle weights are the most comfortable to use?

Nordic Track makes some very comfortable ankle weights.

Should you wear ankle weights to bed?

It's not likely to wear ankle weights to bed cause it doesn't really do anything. It just weighs your ankles down, which seems uncomfortable to me. Use ankle weights when running, doing exercises, or sports.

Is this just a single weight or a set of two weights?

Ankle weights always come in pairs so these are two weights.

Should you wear ten lbs ankle weights or a 20 - 40 lbs weighted vest when doing jump ropes to increase your vertical?


Does Ankle Weights Make You Jump Higher?

yes it does

How heavy is rock lees ankle weights?


Is it legal to wear ankle weights in a soccer game?


What is the proper height to wear an ankle bracelet?

The ankle bracelet should be about a 1/2 to 1 inch above your ankle bone.

Do gymnast lift weights?

I am a girl gymnast and we do not lift weights we use ankle weights and do like leg lifts rope climbs etc with them on cause in order to be better we need to get stronger But yes in deed at my gym the male gymnasts lift weights cause they need to be (well girls need to be strong to) but male gymnasts need to be stronger And occasionally girl gymnasts do lift weights and male gymnasts use ankle weights Usually you only start (its different at each gym) using ankle weights when you are on team or the compulsory levels. and start lifting weights in the optional levels

Does ankle weights make you taller?

Using weights promotes growth.

Do ankle weights burn more calories?

Ankle weights can help a person to burn more calories when they walk or move about due to adding extra weight which needs more force and strength to move.

Why your neck swelling and your ankle was affected?

because when your neck swells it weights more so when ever you stand on your ankle it puts more pressure on your ankle so in affects it to