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yes, all insects do

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Yes their spiracles are kind like pores that open up into tubes... trachea

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How do ants breathe?

ants breath through their spiracles which are found on the abdomen of the ant

How does soap kill ants?

The soap will cut off the oxygen supply . Ants do not have lungs but breath through spiracles in their exoskeleton .

Why are spiracles important?

Function of spiracles for sharks

Do ants breathe?

Like all insects, Ants do indeed breath. However, unlike humans and other mammals they do not have lungs and the oxygen is not carried by the blood. Instead they take oxygen in to their bodies through openings in the abdomen. This system of tubes, called tracheae and tracheoles, allows Atmospheric oxygen to pass to the tissues. The outside openings of tracheae are called "spiracles". Ants are small enough that they need only a few spiracles and these do not have valves to control the oxygen flow, as with larger insects.

What do spiracles do for a grasshopper?

grasshoppers breathe through their spiracles. spiracles are tiny holes that they breathe through.

Why can't you drown an ant by dunking its head in the water?

Ants breathe through their spiracles. These line the side of the thorax, which is the end most/distal body part.

Can ants live under water?

Ants are designed to survive floods and very soggy environments, but it doesn't mean they are aquatic insects. They breathe through spiracles in their abdomen. They close off the spiracals to keep the water out and can remain in water for a while.

Is an ant a mollusc?

An ant is not a mollusk. An ant is an insect. The two are quite different. Ants have six legs and are divided into segments. They have two compound eyes. They breathe by spiracles.

What is an example of an organism with spiracles?

spiracles are the breathing apparatus of insects.

Why do insects have spiracles?

it have spiracles so it can breathe. like a boss

Do bugs breathe through spiracles?

yess they do breathe throught spiracles.

Do all abdominal segments have spiracles and are there any on the thoracic segments?

no, but 2 segments have spiracles on the thoracic segments and 8 have spiracles on abdominal segments.

Do all abdominal segments have spiracles?

no, all but the last two segments have spiracles.

What are animals breath through spiracles?

The animals that breath through spiracles are mostly insects. Spiracles are holes that are on their bodies and are useful in the tracheal breathing system.

Where are the spiracles located on a dragonfly?

The spiracles on a dragonfly is what allows oxygen to enter their body. A dragonflies spiracles are located in several spots up and down their bodies.

How many spiracles does tracheal system of cockroach have?

The tracheal system of a cockroach has 10 pairs of spiracles in it. The spiracles are openings that allow air to enter the trachea or windpipe.

What is the job of the spiracles on an insect?

The insect uses its spiracles to breathe through instead of their mouth.

Do crayfish have spiracles?

No. Insects have spiracles and some kinds of spiders have spiracles. Millipedes and centipedes have spiracles. All those are generally land-dwelling animals. Crayfish are crustaceans like crabs are, and crustaceans evolved their means of breathing underwater; they developed gills, not the breathing tubes called tracheae. Tracheae take in air at the spiracles.

Do stick insects have spiracles?

All insects have spiracles. This is how they breathe because they do not have lungs like vertebrates do!

Do wasps have lungs?

Wasps don't have lungs, but they do have spiracles. The spiracles are found in the exoskeleton of the wasps, and that is how they breathe.

How do insects breath through spiracles?

Insects breath through holes on their body called spiracles.

How many spiracles does a grasshopper have?

There are 10 pairs of spiracles in the grasshopper 2 in the thorax and 8 in the abdomen.

How many spiracles does a butterfly have?

Butterflies have nine pairs of spiracles. These are pores open to the air and tracheae which carry air through the body of an insect. Spiracles are located on the abdomen and thorax.

Do arthropods have spiracles?

Some do some don't, many of the terrestrial arthropods have spiracles like insects, centipedes and millipedes. Not all arachnids have spiracles but at least some acari have them, for example, ticks.

Are there any spiracles on the thoraic segments of a grasshopper?

There are two spiracles on the thoracic segments of the body :) (: hope this helps!

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