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Call up your travel agent and ask them if they know of any airlines that offer discounts. You can also use online travel agents like and to check for discounts for seniors.

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Q: Do any airlines offer senior discount airline tickets?
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How do I get cheap airline tickets as a senior?

Just about every airline has senior discounts for airfares. I would check with the actual airlines or with a travel agent. When looking at online discount airline companies like orbitz, they don't offer any differences in prices for seniors.

What airlines offer discounted travel tickets for seniors?

Almost all businesses offer some kind of senior discount. Even if an airline does not advertise senior discounts, I would still inquire as senior citizens are a big demographic for consumers.

What are the best senior citizen airline discounts available online?

The best place to purchase airline tickets online are travel velocity & expedia. Senior citizen discounts are usually offered at a 10% discount. Most airlines will offer the same deal to those that are traveling with you.

Do all airlines offer senior discount airfare?

When looking to get s senior discount on airfare you just need to ask about senior rates when buying your ticket. Almost every airline will offer some sort of discount to the elderly.

Where can my grandparents find information on discount airfare for seniors?

Most airlines have a senior citizen discount that can be applied to regular tickets. This website can tell you about which airlines do.

Which airlines offer senior discounts?

Not a lot of airline companies offer senior discounts. Your best bet would be to check out travel websites for last minute airline tickets at reduced prices.

Are there senior citizen airline tickets?

Yes, most major airlines offer senior citizens discounts on plane tickets. You will have to check at your local airport or on the website for the airline you would like to use. You can also compare rates on sites like

What airlines offer senior discounts for airfare?

Many airlines offer senior discounts through programs including but not limited to aarp. The best way to find out if a discount is offered is to ask the airline directly.

Are there any senior discount airlines I should look into?

Many major airlines offer senior discounts through programs included but not limited to aarp. Call any potential airline and ask if they offer any senior discounts.

Where can I find elders some cheap airline tickets?

A lot of airlines offer senior discounts through programs such as but not limited to aarp. Call and check with any airline you are considering and see if they offer an online discount. A lot of times you can get a better discount by just asking for it instead of booking through an online site.

How much would it cost to fly with a senior's discount?

It totally depends on the specific airlines policy, the time of year you are flying, the time of day you are flying and what class you are flying in. there is no standard discount. Your best bet would be to call your airline and ask what the senior discount is.

Can a senior citizen get discounted airline tickets?

Some airline companies provide many discounts for various groups like seniors or family packs. The most senior discounted one is Southwest airlines. They have big ones too.

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