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Do any allergies cause shortness of breath?


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1. Yes, Shortness of breath is a common symptom of asthma, but in some cases, allergies can cause asthma-like symptoms. Exercise-induced asthma causes shortness of breath.

2. Allergies can trigger asthma symptoms, especially during physical activity.

3. Asthma is actually an allergic reaction when your lungs inflame and swell making it hard to breath.

4. Allergens can make our airways red, swollen, and filled with sticky mucus. So Allergies cause shortness of breath.

5. If you're unsure what are causes of shortness breath, consult with an allergist for your better cure.


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It certainly does - ask any smoker

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A panic attack can cause sweating, shortness of breath (Hard to breathe), black spots in vision, racing heart and more. But, unless you were sick during a panic attack, there shouldn't be any reason for bad breath.

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They may or may not help some. But quitting smoking will help shortness of breath dramatically more than any inhaler will.

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Almost any substance (including chicken) can cause allergies in some people.

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Anxiety attacks can cause shortness of breath, palpitation, upset stomach or any other major complications. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms also cause some anxiety attacks. You can cure such symptoms with the help of Librium medication.

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