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Do any dangerous sharks live in the medeterainian sea?

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Yes. The three most dangerous sharks can be found in the Mediterranean* sea. Dangerous sharks found:
  1. Great White
  2. Tiger shark
  3. Bull shark
  4. Blacktip shark
  5. Three species of hammerheads
  6. Shortfin mako shark
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Where do sharks live in the sea?

Different sharks live in different part of the sea some prefer shollow water and others would rather live in the deepest parts of the sea.

What is the most dangerous shark in the sea?

Great White At the top of the list (in terms of recorded attacks 1580 to 2002), the Great white appears at the top of the list, with 373 recorded attacks. After the Great W

Are there any sharks living in the Portugal seas?

Yes, there are many sharks in portuguese waters. Even great whites,although rarely seen, and almost never near the coastline. Most of the sharks in portuguese waters are de

How do sharks live in the sea?

sharks live in the sea but need lots of oxygen so suck in the water and take out the oxygen in the water then blow out the water. as everyone knows sharks survive mostly on fo

Are there any sharks in the sea?

yes there is every species swimming in our oceans including great white, tiger shark, reef shark, nurse shark, hammerhead shark, plus many, many more. for more species of shar
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Can sharks live in the Caspian Sea?

yes, some species can to live and reproduce there. . but is question if somebody transported them from normal salt waters (like some other non-origin fish species currently l
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What is the most dangerous shark in the seas?

With out a doubt, it is the great white shark. The great white is the only shark known to actually kill humans on purpose and not just because they thought it was a seal. So