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Cosmetic Surgery and InsuranceTypically, Cosmetic surgery and all other "elective" surgery is NOT covered under Medical Insurance policies unless the procedure is of a medical necessity. Corrective Cosmetic SurgeryIn general, for an insurance company to cover a plastic surgery, the surgery needs to be deemed medically necessary. Reconstructive surgery is considered medically necessary by many insurance companies if you are receiving reconstructive surgery after an accident or an additional medically necessary surgery (for example, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy).

Nasal surgery performed with a diagnosis of deviated septum are considered medically necessary and normally some cosmetic repair is performed at the same time.

Breast reduction can be medically necessary in certain circumstances.

What is typically not medically necessary is breast implants (no previous mastectomy), face lifts, Liposuction, abdominoplasty to remove excess skin around the abdomen, etc.

Plan provisions vary widely. Even one insurance carrier can have 20 different plans available, each with variances regarding covered/non covered services. It is always best to contact your insurance company directly.

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Cosmetic surgery is normally covered when it is necessary as an adjunct to medically necessary surgery or other procedures that are covered. For example, if, after an auto collision, one's face needed reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery to complete the reconstruction would normally be covered.

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Q: Do any insurance companies cover plastic surgery?
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Does health insurance cover implants after a lumpectomy?

Yes, it would cover reconstructive plastic surgery-just not "elective" plastic surgery.

Does insurance cover plastic surgery?

Generally it is not. If plastic surgery is required to do something to help aid a ailment then it might be covered. However, for cosmetic purposes, Plastic Surgery is not covered by your insurance.

Are there any insurance companies that will cover gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass is becoming a surgery that more and more insurance plans cover. I would suggest research many different insurance companies in your area. she is sure to find one that will cover the surgery.

Does insurance cover some if not all of the cost to get your tubes untied?

Many insurance companies will not cover tubal surgery unless there is a risk of fatality. To get tubes untied is usually considered an optional surgery and insurance companies might not pay for this type of surgery, but each company is different in what they cover.

Does private insurance cover plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery may be covered by some kinds of insurance, but not all. General health insurance will typically not cover it, but some private plans may. Check your policy to see if it is or is not covered.

Is face lift surgery covered by most insurance?

No. Insurance companies do not cover "elective procedures". Elective procedures are those that are done for the patient's wants, not his or her needs/health. Face lifts, plastic surgery, preventative medicine, and diets are almost never covered by medical insurance.

Does the insurance cover the bariatric surgery costs?

Some insurance companys will cover most of it some will not . I qwould check with several companys about their own requirments on it . Companies that cover more of the surgery will cost you more , but may be worth it in the long run.

Does standard medical insurance cover laser eye surgery?

If the laser surgery was to correct near or far sightedness, most insurance companies do not cover it and you will have to pay for this yourself. If the laser surgery was for some other problem, like blurriness following cataract surgery, your insurer will most likely cover the cost.

Is the cost for laser eye surgery ever covered by insurance or is it considered elective or cosmetic surgery?

Most insurance companies consider laser eye surgery elective, however, there are some that will cover it minimully.

Where can I find advice on insurance for gastric bypass ?

You should contract your insurance provider and inquire if your policy covers gastric bypass surgery. Not all insurance companies will cover the surgery because it is often considered cosmetic surgery and may not be covered.

Can you get travel insurance if you have had major surgery?

Yes, there are companies that will cover for pre-existing conditions. Angelos also offers travel insurance for those going abraod for surgery see

Is the cost of eye surgery covered by insurance?

Lasik eye surgery is covered by some insurance companies, but is considered an elective insurance so most companies will not. However, if you have vision, most of those insurance plans will cover Lasik. Some employers offer a flexible spending account which helps with payment plans.

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