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Do any moths eat clothes?

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No they do not, moth larve eat clothes but adult moths eat nothing.

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Does moths eat clothes?

Moths do NOT eat clothes but they like chewing and nibbling them.

Do all moths eat clothes?

No, different moths eat different things.

What do tiger moths eat?

tiger moths ,(,like most moths ,adult moths) drink nectar ,baby moths eat clothes.

Do moths eat your clothes?

Yess , little ones eat your clothes but adult ones dont eat your clothes

What eats cotton clothes?

Moths eat cotton clothes.

Which moths eat clothes?

Tineola bisselliella!

What plants do moths eat?

they dont eat plants they eat clothes.

What do moths eat for food?

woolen clothes or fabrics

Do mosquitos eat moths if so which mosquito?

frankly it doesnt it isnt do hrm to you but it lays eggs in you clothes and also eat your clothes but im also depends if the moths harmfull

What insects do moths eat?

Moths do not eat any insects! they eat silk only!

Do moths eat grass and leaves?

Moths eat grass and leaves or any plant.

Do moths bite humans?

no they do not.they can eat your clothes though

Do moths eat cloths?

Well you could say that moths eat cloth, but that isn't entirely true. The term 'moth-eaten' refers to the fact that moths "eat" cloth,but moths don't truly eat cloth or clothes. They chew holes in it to lay their eggs. Hope this helped! :)

What do wool moths eat?

Moths will eat any and all untreated and yummy wool fibres.

Do racoons eat moths?

Raccoons will eat almost any insect, moths included.

What do moths eat besides clothes?

There are many species of moth, and the different species like to eat different things. Most moths eat plant material such as nectar, wheat or leaves.

Are clothes moths dangerous?

Clothes moths are not particularly dangerous to humans, but as their name implies, they are harmful to clothing because they eat holes in it. The real name for a clothing moth is Tineola bisselliella.

What do camelions eat?

they eat insects and mosquitoes they also eat moths, mealworms, waxworms, crickets and any other moths, or worms

Why do ants eat clothes?

Ants do not typically eat clothes, but moths do. Ants might eat other ants when they are hungry. If you fear that ants might eat your clothes, keep something lavender scented in your closet to deter them.

Do moths eat clothes?

Only wool a good way to repel them is with ceder wood.

Do moths eat cholthing?

yes, it is kinda like that. That's what moth holes are in clothes.

Do moths eat nylon fabric?

actually, moths will eat almost any fabric. But, as i know of, nylon is not in any of those catagories of fabric. Sorry!

What do giant silk moths eat?

The giant silk moths do not eat after they come out of their cocoon. They do not have any working mouth parts.

What do gypsy moths eat?

Gypsy Moths as caterpillars will eat almost any kind of tree leaves and branches, but they prefer that of the Oak or Aspen tress. Adult Gypsy Moths do not eat anything.

Do moths eat silk?

Clothes moths are well-known as pests of stored woolens, but they will eat a wide range of other fibers including hair, fur, silk, felt and feathers.

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