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No state in the US allows people under 18 years old to vote. The age is set at 18 so the youngest servicemen are able to vote.

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IS it illegal to date someone over eighteen if you are under eighteen?

No, but in most states it is technically illegal to have sex.

What happens when people smoke at under eighteen?

There is more chance of the under eighteen personhaving lung cancer when their older.

What are the legal ages for drinking alcohol in various states?

45 states allow people under 21 to drink under particular circumstances. 29 allow it at home with parents consent.

What states allow you to be married under 14?

No states that I know of. Some states do allow it but you have to have a court order.

Why is it possible for the state to make a law that says a citizen must be 18 years old to vote?

States have the right to set any age limit for voting except an age over 18 years. Under the Twenty Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution, no state may deny or abridge the right of a person eighteen years of age the right to vote on account of age. States determine what the age of majority for its citizens should be and may grant them certain privileges regardless of the age of majority. Examples are that most states allow people to drive motor vehicles before a person turns eighteen years old, while they also prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages even after a person turns eighteen. Presumably, a state could allow a person under eighteen to vote, but they can't prohibit a person eighteen or over the right to vote.

What is the adjudication perspective on juvenile offenders?

They don't allow it due to the fact that individuals under the age of eighteen have no responsibilities.

Where is a site that tells the future for people under the age of eighteen?

Should people under the age of eighteen not be allowed to marry?

Marriage is a contract between two people. The law has long held that anyone under the age of majority is not able to contract, not having a full understanding or appreciation of the consequences. Therefore, to get married under the age of 18 requires parental consent. Not all states allow this and most say you have to be at least 16 to get married, even with consent. Some states allow younger marriages, but require a court order to validate that there is no coercion or 'selling' of young girls into marriage/slavery.

Can you get married in Illinois under the age of eighteen?

In most states you would have to have written parental consent.

Where can you skydive if your under the age of eighteen?

It is unlawful to skydive (in the United States) if you are younger than 18 years old.

What percent of the homeless population in the US are under eighteen years of age?

33 percent are under the age of eighteen.

How do you get a marriage license if your under eighteen?

Most states require parental consent. There are a few states that will let you get married as young as 16 with doctors verification of pregnancy.

Why do people under the age of eighteen want a boyfriend?

people under eighteen want a boyfriend not because of love. there is no such thing as love in this range of age. if they are girls their reason to have a boyfriend is simply for popularity and tothem not having a boyfriend and being a virgin is embarassing (infact its not).

Should Teens under the age of 16 be able to drive if they have no transportation?

Most states will allow it under certain circumstances. Under what is called a hardship license. Usually for people living in very rural areas.

Is it legal to carry a lighter under eighteen?

I believe you have to be 18, because you can only smoke at 18. It varies between states though.

What is the legal age to leave home in France?

Much like in the United States, the legal age to leave home in France is eighteen years of age. Anyone under eighteen is still considered a minor in France.

What states allow people who are under 18-years-old to get married?

Every state allows people under 18 to get married with parental consent. Check the laws of the state that you reside in for the minimum age requirements.

Where can someone under eighteen work?


What states allow green under glow on cars?

Margate, London and the sandwich islands

Can you get married under age sixteen?

There are a few states that will allow it, normally with a court order.

Do they allow people under thirteen on YouTube?

No you have to be thirteen or older.

Twenty six amendment?

The twenty-six-amendment of the United States states that no persons can vote under the age of eighteen. This was ratified on June 14th,1971 and adopted on July, 1st, 1971.

How old do you have to be to get married with your parents permission?

Most states will allow it as young as 16. A few will allow it under special circumstances without permission.

What two states allow for coverage of mobile homes under standard homeowner insurance policies?

Are there only two states out of 50?

What states allow marriages under age 16?

none that i know of without parental consent

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