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Q: Do appendix ruptures run in the family?
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Will pain go away if the appendix ruptures?

Absolutely - if the appendix ruptures, death is almost always certain if medical attention isn't immediately available.

When do you need to get your appendix out?

When it ruptures most of the time is when your suppose to get it out. Other then that you can leave it in.

Why appendix has to be removed?

A person may have to have their appendix removed if it becomes infected. If the appendix ruptures, the infection can spread throughout the body and cause major problems.

What happens if an appendix ruptures prior to its removal?

Peritonitis or a generalized infection in the abdomen will occur. Treatment of peritonitis as a result of a ruptured appendix includes removal of what remains of the appendix, insertion of drains.

Can your appendix rupture if you are hit in the stomach?

Not necessarily. An appendix ruptures from built of bacteria or a hard stool. Not physical force. Although if your appendix is inflamed (beginning of appendicitis), it may have a higher chance of rupturing.

How long does it take for your appendix to rupture?

An appendix can rupture immediately, or can develop over many hours before it ruptures. Most people have warning signs and fever before the appendix ruptures, but some people have few symptoms. The main risk with a ruptured appendix is that bowel contents (i.e. same as stool) then goes into the abdominal cavity surrounding the organs and causes an intra-abdominal infection, which can kill.

What causes you to get your appendix removed?

The removal of your appendix is predicated by appendicitis, an inflammation of the organ, usually caused by an infection. Sometimes the inflamed appendix ruptures. When this occurs in more recent times, it is more common to forgo surgery in lieu of massive doses of IV antibiotics.

What would cause pain in the lower right pelvic area?

A rupturing appendix. Go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. If it ruptures, there's a good chance you will die! I had it.

What wilol happen if appendicitis left untreated?

The appendix ruptures and all the intestinal contents and toxins spill out into the person's bloodstream, which will eventually kill them via infection.

Well what is appendicitis is this a pregnant symptom?

No it isn't a symptom of pregnancy. It is a very serious inflammation or infection of the appendix and the person affected should get medical attention as soon as possible. If an appendix ruptures it can cause peritonitis an even more serious infection.

If your appendix ruptured why would they remove your right colon?

they dont actually remove your colon they just repare the damage done after it ruptures. you cant live without a colon

How does your appendix explode?

the appendix is a useless organ that was used back only in cavemen times. now it is just a small pouch in the intestines. sometimes food will become lodged in there and start to rot causing an infection and the area to swell. after it swell to a certain point it ruptures.

What happens when a follicle ruptures?

Ovulation occurs when a follicle ruptures.

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What happen if the bladder in a pressure tank ruptures or has a leak inside the tank?

If the bladder ruptures your pressure tank becomes 'waterlogged' -ie. it will lose the backup air pressure and cause your pump to run more often. The only cure is to replace the tank.

What is the medical term meaning appendix?

The medical term for the appendix is, appendix.

Define appendix and explain.?

define appendix and what items are included in appendix.

How do you know if your appendix burst?

My family has had there appendix bursting alot now so i can answer this question. If your appendix bursts you can barely stand up straight and you puke alot and if you dont get it fixed it will make you have an infection cus the appendix holds the bateria and stuff so it will become infected and you will get really sick and it could event to fatal death.

Do cats have an appendix?

No cats do not have an appendix.

Does a cat have an appendix?

Answer Cats do not have an appendix.

Why does your appendix hurt when you exercise?

I have no appendix!

Why do third degree tendon ruptures require surgery?

third degree tendon ruptures surgery for movement of joints

What actors and actresses appeared in Ruptures - 2008?

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What is apendixitis?

Where the appendix is infected due to a piece of food, a seed etc.. is stuck inside it. This causes it ti redden, expand and make you very ill. If it ruptures, the contents of the gut spills into the abdomen causing quick death. An appenidicectamy is the operation to remove an infected appendix, and it takes about 30 mins and isn't all that bad as far as operations go. Hope this helps.

How do you tell if the pain is your appendix?

This can be very difficult! Palpation (pressing with the fingers to localize the exact area) can (but does not always) work. Answer2: It is not always easy to tell, but the best thing you can do if you are experiencing pain in the lower right stomach area is stop into an Urgent Care office or a hospital emergency room. If your appendix ruptures, it will leak and can poison your body to the point of death. Good health to you.