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The Anthropoids may have arisen from the Annelids but do not encompass it. The Annelids would include the Anthropoids not the other way round.

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Which category of animals make up 90 percent of the animal world?


Arthropods make up approximately what percentage of all animals?

Is it estimated that arthropods make up approximately 90 percent of the animal kingdom. Most arthropods belong to the 3 main groups, which include arachnids, insects, and crustaceans.

Does arthropods make up the largest animal phylum?

Absolutely! There are more insect species and total number of insects than any other animal group. (Don't forget to add in the spiders, crustaceans, millipedes and centipedes.)

Did arthropods make up the largest animal phylum?

Yes .arthopodas is the largest phyla

Why do arthropods make up the largest animal phylum?

Because insects are arthropods and there are more species of insects than any other organism type on this planet (if memory serves).

What parts of the world do arthropods live in?

All parts. Arthropods make up more species than any other group of animals.

Why is an earthworm considered as an annelid?

Because the worm has many rings around its bodies which makes it a an Annelid. Annelid="Ringed" and refers to a series of rings or segments that make up the bodies of the members of this phylum.

What class of arthropods make up around 90 percent of all known animal species?

there are a lot of classes. and it is 75%

What is the main group of invertebrates?

The group with the most species is that of the arthropods - insects, arachnids and crustaceans. But molluscs and the three groups of worms also make up a good part. Vertebrates is just another group like the arthropods for example - "invertebrates" is incredibly general. There are way more invertebrates than vertebrates.

Which group includes the largest number of species?

Arthropods, they make up about 75% of all described life and have more than 900,000 members.

Does the arthropods make up the largest animal phylum?

Yes, with over a million known species an probably countless more undiscovered, arthropds outnumber all other animal phylums combined.

What features make birds there own animal group?


What are three arthropods?

Fact is, arthropods make up the largest animal group on earth.Crabs, scorpions, crayfish, dragonflies, arachnids, krill, shrimp are just a very few arthropods. Any animal with a segmented body and six or more legs is an arthropod.Arthropods are called the eumetazoa, which means that they develop germ layers and have vascular tissues and organs develop. Arthropods are triploblastic (form three germ layers, endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm). They have an exoskeleton which molts, contain compounds eyes, and jointed appendages. Phylum Arthropod contains classes such as Insecta, Arachnida, and Crustacea. Insecta would include bettles, butterflies, and grasshoppers. Arachnida would include Spiders, Scorpions, and Mites. Crustacea would include, Lobsters, Crabs, and Shrimp.

What are the caractoristics of a butterfly that make it a arthropod?

It's invertebrate (no backbone), has an exoskeleton and jointed legs, and its larvae molt to grow. The fact it has six legs and wings makes it an insect, a group within the larger group of arthropods.

What is a group of animal that makes its own food?

No group of animals make their own food. Only plants and some bacteria do.

How many animals make a trio?

A trio means a group of three, animal or otherwise.

How much does the owner of an animal rescue group make?

I believe it is a non-profit organization.

What characteristics make crustaceans different from other arthropods?

Their biramous (two-part) appendages and the nauplius larval form distinguish crustaceans from other arthropods.

What is a baenomere?

A baenomere is any of the arthromeres which make up the thorax of arthropods.

What animal has the same name as one of the seven sins?

Sloth was the animal that was named after the sin. And a group of lions make up the deadly sin of pride. == == == ==

Do arthropods make up the largest animal pylum?

Yes, they do. They have the largest number of species. 4 out of 5 animals is an arthropod. In the Amazon, ants alone outweigh all the vertebrates by a 4:1 ratio.

The group of animals that has the most members is?

The invertebrates.They make up 97 percent of all animal species.

What does the modern group designated as the Animal kingdom typically contain?

The modern group designated as the animal kingdom typically contains multicellular organisms that pursue and ingest other organisms. They usually cannot make their own food.

Do sheep and goat both make the same noise?

Yes sheep and goat make the same noise because they are in the same animal group

Why aren't our bones on the outside?

That would make us arthropods and it would be gross.