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Do babies go through life stages in Sims?

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Babies in the Sims are babies for three days afterwhich they are children. If you care for your baby by feeding it a singing to it this process will go smoothly. Neglect it and it will be taken away.

2006-08-17 00:33:03
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Do children go through life stages in Sims like the babies?

yes. only in sims 2. in the sims 1 you can have a baby and then the baby turns into a kid.

Can you have babies on Sims Life stories for PC?


How do you have babies in sims 2 apartment life?

The same way you do in regular Sims 2.

Can male Sims be pregnant with regular babies on Sims Life Stories?

i am pretty sure

What stages of life do monkeys go through?

1. Babies 2. Mendelas 3. Picas 4. Adults 5. Elderly

In sims life stories what life stages are there?

baby, toddler, child , teenager, adult, elder

Why does sims needto wohoo to have babies?

Its called Sims cause its a simulation game, a simulation to real life. Us Humans have to mate to have babies. Its a simulation.

What is the term for the stages through which a plant or animal goes in its life?

The stages through which a plant or animal goes in its life is referred to as the life cycle.

How many life stages does a gnat go through?

There are four stages in the life of a gnat.

Can you have babies in the sims life stories for the PC?

Yes you can and you can do almost anything else you can do in sims 2 also

How many stages does a cockroach go through?

cockroaches go through three stages of life

Stages through which a plant or animal goes in its life?

The stages through which a plant or animal goes through in life is called the life cycle. Each plant or animal species has a different life cycle.

Can sims have babies in the Sims 3?

Yes... its a roleplay game, so why wouldn't you be able to? its a life game :P

How many babies can you have on sims life stories?

you can only have four Sims so two babies is probably all you can have. unless you have a single Sim then they can adopt three kids.

How many babies can your sim have?

if they are single, (sims 2, 9) (life stories, 3) if they are a couple (sims 2, 7) (life stories, 2)

Can you have babies on Sims 3 for will?

Sorry but unfortunately, you can't have babies on Sims 3 wii, i find this unfair as I think you should be able to. Sim games are based on real life.

Can your sims age on sims 3?

Yes, your sims have a life span which you can change the length of in options. They have different stages of life for a certain amount of time: baby toddler child teen young adult adult elder

The stages through which a plant or animals goes in its life?

life cycle

What is the definition of development through the life stages?

Development through the life stages is the process a person goes through to mature fully. It helps to understand the potential effects of different life factors and how they affect the growth of a person.

What is family cycle?

Human relationships pass through many stages in life. These include individuality, coupling or matrimony, child rearing, babies through teenagers, launching adult children and retirement or the senior years.

The stages through which a plant or animal goes in it's life?

life cycle

What is the stage through which a plant or animal goes in it's life?

Plants and animals both go through stages in their lifetime. These stages are called the plants or animals life cycle.

Where can you find a real life game where you can have babies and get married and buy houses etc?

The Sims Games

What stages do mollusks go through in their life cycle?


Do sea pigs go through life stages?