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well they have hair everywhere on their bodys whaen they are babies

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What are baby bottlenose dolphins called?

Baby bottle nose dolphins are called a calf but for plural it would be calves.

What do baby bottle nose dolphins eat?

plankton and they drink milk from their mother

Why do bottle nose dolphins migrate?

bottle nose dolphins suck.

How does a dolphin protect itself from predators?

because bottle nose dolphins are gay and they have sex to have baby

How do you tell sharks and dolphins apart?

Sharks have a rounded nose...dolphins have a pointed nose...hence the name bottled nose dolphins!

Where do bottlenose dolphins get there name from?

Bottle nose dolphins have that name simply because that is the shape of their nose!

What is a bottle nose dolphins family?

A bottle nose dolphins family are called a pod when they are all together

Do bottle nose dolphins eat at night or day time?

Bottle nose dolphins eat at the day.

What are pink dolphins name?

pink bottle nose dolphins

Where do dolphins have hair at?

Dolphins don't not have hair even though they are mammals

What do dolphins do with their nose?


Do dolphins have a beak or a nose?

Dolphins have actually have a beak not a nose. -----See related link below for more information.

How many bottle nose dolphins are alive today?

2000 bottle nose dolphins remain in the whole world !!! :-(

Do bottle nose dolphins have eggs or birth?

bottle nose dolphins are maamals and mammals always give birth!

What is the name of the hair in the nose?

Nasal hair or nose hair

What is the difference from the bottlenose dolphins an dolphins?

The bottle nose dolphin has a nose shaped like a bottle Bottlenose dolphins are dolphins. A bottlenose dolphin is a species name, one of many different species. They were named this because their rostrum(nose) resembles a bottle.

Are baby dolphins born with mustaches?

No, Baby dolphins are not born with mustaches.

What do bottle nose dolphins do in the winter?

Bottle nose dolphins sometimes move south in the winter because it gets to cool for them

How do dolphins defend themselves from danger?

Dolphins defend themselves with their nose.

Are bottle nose dolphins vertabrates or invertebrates?

all dolphins are vertebrates

What is a group of bottle nose dolphins is called?

It is a school or pod of dolphins.

Hair on the nose?

normal, everyone has hair on there nose(:

What do baby dolphins eat?

Baby dolphins eat their mothers milk, then fish.

What do Bottle nose dolphins do?

they do stuff!

Why are bottle nose dolphins indangerd?

they are not