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Yes, baby red eared sliders need the heating light on all of the time, as well as a UVA/UVB during the day.

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Does a red eared slider have to have a reptile light?

The red eared slider needs to have a UVB light and a 75 watt basking light. It doesn't matter if it is a reptile light or not

Do girl turtles have red eyes?

i have a female turtle and it does not have red eyes. it has light green eyes and black stripes. i dont know about the rest of the turtles since mine is a red-eared slider.

What kind of light does a red-eared slider turtle needs?

I would give them a UVB 5.0 light and also a heating lamp in a basking area in it's cage.

Do red eared slider turtles have different habits in dark and light?

no different habits in dark nd bright bt yes red eared turtles like it vry much if u keep dem in dark its bcoz dey hav a habit 2 live in dark places............... :)

Can a red-eared slider live without a uvb light?

no,You need both uva and uvb light

How long can red-eared slider turtles live?

Wild red eared sliders live about 20 years. Red eared sliders that live in an aquarium (that has a filter and a heater) can live up to 85 years. You always need to have a light for any aquarium turtle to rest in the "sun" or your turtle will not be that happy... I have one and is eight years so Turt has a long way to go.

Do red red eared water turtles need light?

No, but their happier with it and without it they don't grow to much.

What does it mean when a red eared slider turtle shell is soft?

Soft-Shell is a common disease, and is caused by a lack of adequate light and/or Vitamin D.As far as lack of light goes, sometimes taking away and glass or perspects between the light and the turtles is a goood idea as it can filter out the UV.Hope this helps :)Courtenay

Should red eared slider need light?

Yes UV light is best but do not place your turtle tank in direct sunlight because this can potentially over heat your turtle.

What is the habitat of a Red Eared Slider?

There habitat is in open water where they are free to swim around and have a place for basking and basking means where they can have the sun light hit them.xD

Are red eared sliders aquatic turtles?

They are semi-aquatic. They need a basking light and a basking area such as a floating log or basking platform so that they can climb out of the water to bask. This is essential to their health. If a red eared slider doesn't have an area to bask and can't get out of the water, it's shell will get soft and it will eventually die. They need UVA and UVB light in order to process their food. Heat and light are essential for these turtles. Keep them in water around 70 degrees and provide a basking area and a basking light that has both UVA and UVB rays or two lights, including one UVA and one UVB bulb.

Do red ear slider turtles have to bask?

Yes red ear sliders have to bask because if they don't, the shell of the red ear slider will soften and he or she will be very sick and might die, and if your red ear slider does not bask, then just place he or she there with a UV light.

What happens if a red eared slider stays away from light?

It depends how far away they are from their lights. It is not detrimental as long as they are still getting enough heat and UVB/UVA rays to survive.

How do you take care of a sick baby red eared slider turtle?

I had a sick baby red ear slider he was nerly dead, what you need to do it make sure you have a heater at least 75 temp, a cold turtle does not eat that was making my turtle sick you also need heat light uv light and land for the turtle your local pet store will tell you about the lights you need I have two turtles a baby turtle needs good water temp good luck hope your turtle gets better

What should you do for a baby red eared slider if it won't eat and its shell becomes soft?

If it won't eat and it's shell is soft, it isn't getting adequate heat and light. It requires UVA and UVB light to digest food. It must bask in the light and be completely out of water in order to dry its shell so it doesn't get soft. If you don't get it the proper heat and light soon, it will die. They can't survive for long without proper heating and lighting.

How fast do red eared turtles grow?

Red eared slider turtles have to have the proper balance of heat and light in order to grow properly. If they have access to UVA and UVB light (usually via a basking bulb) and they bask and get out of the water for their shell to dry, they are usually healthy and grow at a normal rate. This is usually a few inches per year for the first few years.Hatchlings are about 1 inch when they hatch and they grow to be 2 to 4 inches in their first year. Afterwards, their growth may slow down a little. Males will grow to be 7 to 9 inches and females will grow to be 10 to 12 inches in diameter.

Do red eared sliders need a dry area?

Yes, red-eared sliders need a dry area to get out of the water. Above this area should be a turtle basking lamp. Aquatic turtles will bask daily. Basking keeps the turtle's skin and shell health from fungus while the UV in the light is needed for the turtles growth. Without a dry area and a basking light your turtle will not be healthy and happy.

How do i help my red eared slider turtle who has shell rot?

Make sure your uvb light is working or buy a new one if it is older then 9 months. Clean the tank everyday for a while then make sure the basking light is hot enough

How much sunlight should a red eared slider get?

10-12 hours a day of natural sunlight. Or you could buy a U.V.B. light and basking lamp so that the water doesn't over heat and kill the turtle.

What should be in a turtles' aquarium?

To set up an aquarium for a water turtle such as a red eared slider or yellow bellied slider, follow the following guidelines for a happy turtle environment.Equipment:Aquarium heaters (Maintain water temperature of 78 degrees)Air pump, tubing and air stonesHeat lamp with basking bulb (must emit UVA and UVB light)Basking platform such as Turtle Dock by Zoo MedSetup:These turtles need to be able to get out of the water to bask. Their shells must be able to dry out to avoid damage. They need heat and proper lighting in order to digest food.

What if your red ear slider turtle is 1 inch long he wont eat its pellets?

There are a couple of reasons that your hatchling may not be eating. One is if he doesn't have the proper heat and light. RES turtles must have UVA and UVB light in order to digest food. Without it, they will eventually die. They must have heat as well. If you have the proper heating and lighting for their tank, the problem is probably the food itself. Try "Reptomin Floating Food Sticks" for aquatic turtles, found in most pet stores and "Wal-Mart".

How do you raise a baby red-eared slider?

first you would get a tank,then you would have a filter for it, a heater, a light, a basking spot(you dont need a heater its optional) and fill the tank up to half way a bit higher than that. Clean the tank often about every week.(depence how messy your turtle is) if your going to feed it pellets i wouldent feed it to much. I have a red eared slider and it wasent all that hungrey when it was small because its just starting to get used to its habitat.

What color is the turtles?

turtles/tortoises can be yellow or dark/light green

Why heating coil does not emit visible light?

The heating coil energy is too low to emit visible light.

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