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It depends on how long your forehead is, otherwise you shouldn't have bangs.

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Q: Do bangs make your nose look longer?
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I have a big nose and an oval face will bangs look good?

i have the same features, and bangs are recommended for oval, they flatter your nose too.

How do you make up your nose look smaller especially who has flesy nose at the tip of nose and the ala?

there are cheaer ways than nose jobs! bangs that cover from the top of your right eye to over your left eye actually will make you proud of your nose. PS. IF NOSE STICKS THRU BANGS< U GOTTA PROBLEM> DA BANGS DONT EVEN GO LOW ENUFF @ TOUCH A NORMALLY LARGE NOSE, SO, AVOID LASERS, GET PLASTIC. =)

How do you make nose long?

put a thin line of highlighter from the bridge to the tip and blend. your nose will look thinner and longer!

Do bangs look good on everyone?

No. If you have a small face it will hide it. Also bangs will draw attention to your nose so if you don't want attention there then stay away from them.

Is there a way to make your nose look longer?

I realize the category is under cosmetic surgery but in the mean time, I learned from cosmetics class that brushing on highlighting powder or a shimmery eyeshdow neautral color straight down the bridge of your nose makes it look longer.

What should you do to make your nose longer?

Have surgery.

Would you look good with bangs?

Not everyone looks good in bangs, it all depends on the shape of your face. People with oval shaped faces can all easily pull off any style of bangs. If you have a round face, side swept bangs are the best for you, straigh across bags will make your face appear smaller and even rounder, as will a center part. Also, if you're not happy with your nose, i don't recommend bangs, they will draw more attention to it. <3

What hairstyle covers your nose piercing?

i have long side swept bangs and they cover my nose ring when they are in my face.

Can a nose job make your nose look like Angelina jolies?


Is there such thing as a applehead chihuahua?

Yes. Chi's are either applehead or deerheads. Look at a chi's round with a short nose...that's an applehead. Does it have a longer head with a longer nose....that's a deerhead. I have a deerhead...those also have longer legs and their bodies look leaner. While a applehead has shorter legs and they look stockier.

Why is nose hair long?

Actually, it is not the nose hair that is long, but shrinking of the skin around it. As we age the body shrinks and so things like nose hairs look longer.

How can you make your nose look smaller with makeup?

Take a blemish and put it only on the front of your nose starting from the tip of your nose up to the top of your nose.

Big nose HELP ME?

First of all a hairstyle: to distract from your nose you need to keep your hair around your face and perhaps get a fringe/bangs cut in your hair. You can use a bronzer to shade your nose. On your nose, along the bone that goes from between your eyes to the tip of your nose, use bronzer to make to soft lines either side. You will have to practice this to perfect it.

Does a big nose make you look ugly?


What is an easy way to look thin and make your nose look small?

it is advisable to stop eating completely to look thin. it shouldnt take long to see the results. as for the nose, im afraid you'll have to look like pinoccio unless you have the money for a nose job.

Is it possible to lose weight from your nose?

No, since your nose is not made of fat, it is made of cartilage and bone. The only way to make your nose smaller or look smaller, is to disguise it with make-up, or get plastic surgery.

How can you make your nose look smaller without makeup?

plastic surgery

Which puppet's nose grew longer and longer each time that he lied?

Pinocchio is the puppet whose nose grew longer each time he lied.

Does fixing your nose can make you look taller?

No sorry I really don't see a link between your height and the appearance of your nose.

What is the story of Pinocchio about?

It is about a boy that was a wooden puppet and every time he told a lie/fib, a fairy would come and make his nose longer and longer,

What cream might make your nose smaller?

There are different creams that will help make the nose look smaller. A darker foundation from a persons natural skin tone will help contour the shape of the nose making it appear more narrow. A darker blush will also help achieve this look.

How can you make your nose look smaller with make up?

Rub one color darker foundation on the sides of your nose then take a white eyeshadow on the bridge of your nose then by your nose holes also put white eyeshadow then use that same foundation and brush up at the end of your nose hope I helped!

Why did pinocchio's nose grow long?

If he lies, then his nose grows longer.

Is it possible to mold your nose to the way you want it?

With plastic surgery, someone can mold the nose to whichever shape they prefer. They can have longer or shorter noses or make them more pointed.

What type of hair style make my LONGnose shorter?

hairstyle cannot make your nose look shorter