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Do baseball players wear jocks with a cup?

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They should, and the catcher normally does. It's usually a safety rule for catchers in High School and College Sports.

2006-09-06 18:35:36
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Q: Do baseball players wear jocks with a cup?
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Do major league baseball players wear a cup?

They wear bowls.

Does baseball players wear a cup?

they can if they want to i would!

Do NFL players wear jockstraps?

Most NFL players wear a jockstrap, and some wear a cup

Do nfl players wear a cup?

They certainly do.

What do baseball players wear when playing baseball?

A uniform: Cleats, Socks, Jersey, pants, sliding shorts, belt, hat or helmet, and a cup (optional)

Do girls need to wear a cup when catching baseball?

No, girls do not need to wear a cup when catching baseball.

What year did hockey players wear a cup?


Do NFL players have to wear cup protection?


What do football players wear under a girdle?

They wear a cup and protective pads

Do you have to wear a jock strap for little league baseball?

Many leagues require supporters for all players. Catchers are almost always required to wear a cup as well.

What do football players wear for cups?

jockstraps A lot of high school football players wear a cup because they are concerned about getting hit in their sensitive area. I do not think that most professional football players wear a cup, however; I think that they just wear a regular jockstrap without a cup. If you are a teenager and are concerned about getting hit in your sensitive area when you play football, then you should wear a cup so you feel secure.

Should boys wear jocks?

Yes, either with a cup for sports with direct contact, or just for support when running or playing non-contact sports.

Why do baseball players have a bulge?

They are wearing a protective cup.

Do soccer players wear metal studs in the world cup?

Yes they Do

Do basketball player wear a cup?

If they have big junk I think that most basketball players just wear a regular kind of a jockstrap without a cup. However, some high school basketball players wear a cup because they are concerned about getting hit in their sensitive area. When I played basketball in my teens, a couple of the guys on our team awlays wore a cup.

What type of underwear do football players wear?

They wear compression shorts (spandex) with pockets in them so the can put their cup in it

Why is it that you can find 'revealing' shots of women in sport tennisect but any bulge shots of baseball players are not posted We all love a-bit of i-candy Why the double standards?

Baseball players all wear a cup. Their bulge is misleading.

Do soccer players wear a cup?

Some do, but most do not. While a cup is certainly a prudent precaution for professional players, the chances of getting kicked in the gonads are rare, and even so, would carry a severe penalty. Many soccer players do not wear a cup for the same reason that some police officers choose not to wear a bulletproof vest - comfort, flexibility, and mobility are all restricted.

Are athletic supporters used in baseball?

No, what is used is called a "cup" ... a rather solid piece of hard plastic that helps to protect the male genitals. I haven't the foggiest idea what female baseball players wear for protection.

Do baseball players wear jock straps?

Possibly ... and also a hard plastic cup to prevent "line drive" damage should a baseball come in contact at the groin. You bet, its a requirement for the pitcher and catcher to wear one during all games and warm up sessions.

Do NFL players where cups?

NFL Players wear cups. As a former NFL player, I got out of the league in 2007 and now play Arena ball, you would be crazy not to wear a cup. There are some teams that don't (I think the Eagles for the most part don't) but 90% of other players wear cups.

How many pads does a football player wear?

It depends a little on the player and position, but there are 10 basic pieces of equipment helmet, shoulder pads, a tailbone pad, 2 hip pads, 2 thigh pads, 2 knee pads, and a cup. Mouthguards are pretty much necessary, but not really a pad. Outside of that some players also opt to wear flack jackets, back and/or sternum plates, neck rolls, forearm pads. Some players do not wear a cup. (As a point of reference, virtually every major league baseball player wears a cup, while most NFL players do not.)

Do tennis players wear a cup?

No, tennis players do not wear cups, but they probably should because the serve comes in very fast and it could really to some damage if it hit you square in the family jewels. (penis and testicles.)

Do you wear a jock in baseball?

Yes you should. A hard cup should be worn during baseball to prevent injury.

Do football players wear a cup?

No, football players no longer wear cups because the are faster and more comfortable without them. Also cups mainly protect you from injuries caused by high-velocity impacts such as baseballs and hockey pucks.