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Usually at night or to intruders.(Or new strangers at the house)

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Do beagles have separation problems?

They can, just the same as any other dog. The thing with Beagles is that they'll howl a lot.

Why do beagles howl?

They were bred for hunting, so they howl to alert.

Do beagles howl?

Beagle definently howl and bark! They are hound dogs so the are know to howl and bark:)

Which dog breeds howl?

All breeds howl. Some breeds are more likely to howl like beagles or huskies.

How annoying are beagles barks?

Beagles generally do more howling than barking. Yes, the bark is annoying- but the howling is much worse. Beagles will howl at just about anything- people walking by, strange noises, or because they feel like it. The only way to stop a beagle from howling is to train it to lay down on command. Beagles cannot howl when laying down. I do not know if bark collars work, but sonic bark machines can help. Basically, beagles are not good as pets. They are hard to train, escape often and are bad for rummaging through garbage. They also howl a lot, and will upset neighbors. Such a pity, as they are certainly a handsome dog.

How much do beagles shed?

not a lot

Are beagles good dogs?

I have a beagle. I've had beagles my whole life. They are incredibly great with children, guests, and new family members. They howl a lot. They can be very hard to walk though, because they are hunting dogs. They follow their noses, and can tend to pull on the leash. They can get overweight easily if they don't have enough time outside. They need to be walked AT LEAST once every other day. They are very cuddly if they are used as pets. My beagle gets worried to be alone, and needs to sleep with me. Overall, beagles are awesome, loving, kind, sweet, dogs. TRUST ME, THEY HOWL A LOT! Each dog has its purpose which it is bread for if you want a dog which sleeps a lot but may howl and let you know something is not normal you may enjoy a beagle they tend to like children they were bread for hunting. They can learn to be very sweet. They can also be trained to obey, but its can be difficult. They do what they want, when they want.

Do dachshund's like to howel?

From experience, my dachshund and others I know don't howl. Beagles often do, but dachshunds usually just bark.

Do beagles bark a lot?

Every dog barks. Period. Most Beagles don't bark very loud or a lot. They only bark when scared/alarmed. Beagles are very gentle fun loving dogs.

What do beagles howel at night?

Beagles howl for a number of reasons. They may be hearing something they find upseting outside. Another reason is that they may be suffering from seperation anxiety, something that happens in the pack-minded breed sometimes.

Can beagles have peanut butter?

yes but they will lick a lot.

Do beagles howl all the time?

lol, depends on where you live, and your dog, we had a girl and she only howled when she saw an animal, smelled one, or someone pulled into the drive. but Ive heard when their caged they howl more but I'm not sure if that's true...

Do beagles shed a lot of fur?

no. (they usually shed in the summer)

Why do shelties howl?

my nana got a sheltie in Michigan and when she was really little, she ussed to howl a lot s oi think she was scared

Do beagles shed much?

Yes of course beagles shed much! They shed a lot and way too much! Beagles shed so much if you don't even touch them you get their fur all over you!

Are beagles non shedding dogs?

Beagles shed a lot, but they are very friendly. They are small and fairly quiet. beagles are an intelligent breed, and they come with many different mixtures of white, brown, and black. I hope this helped!

How do farmers use beagles on a farm?

Most farmers don't use beagles they would use herding does like Australian Shepherds. If they do have beagles they use them for hunting since beagles are awesome for hunting. Or they could have the beagles as a protector for livestock which probably isn't what they use em for, since for example I use a Rottweiler to protect livestock from coyotes because they are a lot more tough and aggressive . Also they could just have the beagles as a pet, which a lot of farms have because it's nice to have a companion with you when doing some chores.

How many different sounds do beagles make?

Beagles Make many different sounds. They have the traditional howl in which they tilt true head back, look up to the sky and round their mouth. They also make another sound referred to as baying. My beagle makes a baying noise when she is anxious or excited and it sounds like a short combination of a howl and a bark. She also tries to imitate other dogs barking by making a bark that is extended and eventually turns into a howl. When she is excited, she also makes very abrupt, quiet and breathy barks.

Why are beagles called beagles?

Beagles comes from a french word that means gaped throat and that is why beagles are called beagles.

Why are some beagles a lot bigger than others?

beagles come in four sizes, small, medium, large, and then there is a mini-beagle, which is very very very small

What is the future tense of howled?

will howl am/is/are going to howl

What has the author John Beagles written?

John Beagles has written: 'Beagles & Ramsay'

Can dogs get loneley?

Yes, dogs can get very lonely at times and they often howl a lot if they are.

Do beagles sleep a lot?

Yes, Beagles tend to sleep more than the average pup. This is true because Beagles are hound dogs... they have busy days and then crash. If your Beagle is sleeping most of the day... it is perfectly normal! I myself have a Beagle and he sleeps all the time.

When was Howl Howl Gaff Gaff created?

Howl Howl Gaff Gaff was created on 2003-10-01.

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