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Bee boxes will not attract bees: they will give our native, solitary, gentle bees a place to lay their eggs. Our native bee population is in decline having extreme stresses put on them daily. Native bees pollinate 2/3 of our food supply and are necessary for our survival. We should encourage the use of bee boxes and provide natural habitats for our native bees.

Bee boxes provide habitat for bees to raise their young. As our native bees do not make hives, they are not aggressive at all because they do not defend a hive. Bee boxes are for cavity-nesting native bees and should be constructed with safe elements and hung in a safe place.

Bee boxes do not attract nuisance bees. I am not sure what the "Use Other Methods" answer is. If you do not want to attract bees, do not wear perfume, or scented lotions and for heaven's sake, do not plant flowers, flowering vines or fruit trees and be prepared to inhabit another planet.

One method is to use a spray: I would first recommend that you make sure they are bees and not wasps. You need to find the hive or hives and eradicate it. I would wear some protective clothes and us a spray made for this problem that you can spray from a good distance away. After you have saturated the hive wait for a week to see if they are gone and if they are destroy the hive so they won't re-enter and if needed repeat this process. A second method is to use a bug zapper: If you know where the nest is and there are hundreds of bees, you can try something that worked for us. We put a bug zapper right in front of the "main entrance" of their nest while they were sleeping at night. We then turned it on during the day. As they flew in and out they died by the hundreds. After a few days I think they either moved to a safer location or we had killed them all. And another is to use a smoker: You can use a smoker to put the bees asleep while you spray. Something else that can be done is to try to find a bee keeper first and let them retrieve the bees for some good use.

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Q: Do bee boxes help get rid of bees or make the problem worse?
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