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I'm not sure, but they sting to defend themselves or their hive. They are part of a hive so bee behavior would seem to indicate that the needs of the many (hive) out-weigh the needs of the few or the one. In a nut shell they give their life so the hive can survive. Ok, this is from a different person. How can a bee be defending it's self when it stings you when it is going to die when it does? It doesn't make any sense. i know alot about stuff. lol. Luvs ya! mwah! xoxo The honey bee can only sting one time and when they sting they die so they can only sting one time

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Q: Do bees know that they are going to die when they sting?
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Which bees die and do not die after sting?

The bees that die : Honey bee. The bees do not die : Hornets, Yellowjackets/wasps, and bumblebees. those are the bees i know that die/do not die

When do bees die?

when bees sting you they die. but wasps when they sting you they stay alive.

Do bees die when after they sting you?

No, they do not die.

Do bees know they will die if they sting someone?

Unless you could communicate with bees and ask them there is no way of knowing what bees know about the consequences of stinging people.

What did wasp and bees do when they sting?

bees die but wasps sting as many times as they want

Do red wasps die when they sting you?

No.... only bees die after they sting you

Do the bees die after they sting you?

no it does not

Why do bees die if they sting?

Bees die when they sting because their stinger gets stuck inside something and the stinger brakes.The bees can't live without their stinger.

Can a bumblebee sting?

All bees can sting. They simply die afterwards.

Do male bees die after they sting?

Male bees, or drones, do not have a sting. In bees, wasps and similar insects the sting is a modified ovipositor (egg laying tube) -- an organ that males do not have.

Do sweat bees die after they sting?


What happens when bees use their sting?

They die

Do stingrays die after they sting like bees do?


Do female bumble bees die after they sting?


Do bees like to sting?

no they only sting as a last resort as they die. soon after

Why do bees die after they sting someone?

Bees die when they sting you because when they sting you their stingers get caught in your skin. When they fly away, their guts are ripped out (yes its disgusting) because half of them is stuck in your skin.

Can bees bite horses?

possibly but then again bees die after they sting something

Do hornets sting?

Of course they do, but they are not like bees. Bees lose their stingers when they sting, and then they die. Wasps keep their stingers and stay alive, and are still able to sting later on.

Why do wasps die after they sting?

they dont, only bees do.

Do killer bees die after they sting a human?


When bees sting someone or something what happens to them?

They die

Do honey bees die after they sting people?


Does a bee bite or sting?

They only sting once as they are bees and then after they die, no teeth are involved

Do carpenter bees let go of their stinger when they sting you?

yes they do infact they die when they sting you

Can you get rid of a sweat bee bite?

bees do not bite they sting and they can only sting 1 time after they sting they die.