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Bees do. It is a component of the venom and is called the attack pheromone. Its effect is to make other bees in the immediate area more likely to sting.

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Do wasps leave their stinger?

Bees leave their stinger in the skin after only stinging once. Wasps can sting over and over and do not leave their stinger.

What are the names of stinging insects?

Wasps, Hornets, and Bees.

What stinging insect eats baby grasshoppers?

Wasps,hornets,and sometimes bees

Stinging bugs in Northwest Indiana that leave large red welts?

Stinging bugs in northwest Indiana include wasps, bees, ants and horseflies. The large welts are an immune response to the bite.

Why do wasps not die when they sting you?

Unlike bees, wasps have a smooth sting and can easily withdraw it after stinging. They can also sting more than once.

A stinging insect?

Bees, Wasps, and Ants. These insects either have stingers in the lower abdomen or around their mouth.

How much time does a wasp take for it to die after it stung a human?

Unlike honey bees, wasps can withdraw their stingers and do not die from stinging. Stinging does not kill them at all.

How many times can wasps sting?

As often as they feel like, unlike bees that tear themseves apart after stinging once.

Can bees stay alive after they lose there stingers?

No. Wasps stay alive afer stinging because they don't lose their stinger.

What is the difference between a bee and a wasp?

Many people confuse bees with wasps. One of the most significant differences between the two is their eating habit: Bees consume plant nectar, but wasps feed mostly on small insects. Wasps do not have as many hairs on their body as bees because they have no need to use hair to transport pollen. Both female bees and wasps have a venomous sting; wasps usually sting to stun prey, and bees use a sting as a defense mechanism for their hives. While bees usually die after stinging, wasps and hornets can sting multiple times.

Do orchids have special adaptations to live in rainforests?

Yes, They release a good scent to attract bees,wasps or flies.

What attracts bees and wasps?

Stuff that attracts bees and wasps

Will a black wasp die if it stings?

Unforunetly Wasps do not die after they sting. Only female honey bees die after stinging. Viper1

Are wasps and bees related?

No they are not. Bees and Wasps are two separate species.

Why are wasps predators to bees?

because wasps steal the bees honey

How do you repel bees and wasps from an area?

natural repellent for bees and wasps

Are wasps faster than bees?

Wasps ARE faster than bees.

How are bees different from wasps?

bees are smaller than wasps and wasps are faster andhurt more when they sting

Do bees look like wasps?

Bees and wasps do have a similar appearance. Bees are rounder, wasps are leaner. Wasps are covered in a smooth almost shiny exoskeleton. Bees on the other hand are covered in a layer of fuzz, this has to do with the feeding mechanism as wasps are predominantly carnivorous while bees feed on nectar.

Do wasps leave their stinger in you?

No. Bees have barbed stingers so when you get stung, it sticks in your skin. But wasps do not have barbed stingers, that is why they can sting repeatedly. When the wasps leaves your body, it takes its stinger with.

What are the differences between bees and wasps?

Bees vs WaspsWasps hurt a lot more believe me!! and wasps are faster and they sting more then once

Are wasps worse than bees?

wasps are worst then bees wasps hurt way more den a bee sting.

What animal eats bees and wasps?

Spiders are examples of animals that eat bees and wasps.

How long do wasps live after they sting?

Honey bees die after stinging because the loss of the sting causes severe internal injuries, and the bee dies of these injuries. A wasp doesn't lose its stinger after stinging so it doesn't die after stinging -- not because of the sting, anyway.

What is the difference between a honey bee and a wasp?

Honey bees are beneficial because they spend most of the day pollinating your plants. Wasps don't spend much time pollinating, but some species do help by killing spiders, which they encase with an egg which hatches and feeds on. Honey bees are roundish, orange and black colored and bumbly in flight. Wasps are thin, elongated with a narrow separation at the thorax. Bees will generally leave you alone, wasps will attack out of the blue for no apparent reason. Hope this helps! Wasps only attack you if you are in their way. A Bee will die after its 1st sting while a Wasp can keep on stinging.