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Beta fish are solitary fish and generally will attack/annoy any other fish until they are dead. Check with your local pet shop that sell fish to inquire about what, if any, fish can co-exist with Beta. it all depends on how aggressive you betta fish is, i own two male bettas, i placed my first one in the tank with 3 other goldfishes and they get along fine, however when i replaced the 1st betta with the 2nd one, it was the more aggressive one and attacked my other fishes...... my suggestions is to buy a seperator for the betta and have it get use to the other fishes for the first couple of weeks then place them together. just a heads up, doing this can cause a betta to get stressed out, so be on a look out for simptosn of ick hello!

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Q: Do betta fish eat live goldfish or other fish?
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Can betta fish and goldfish live together?

Betta fish primarily cant live wioth other fish because the betta fish will kill the other fish. The only fish that a betta fish can live with is a non-colorful fish like tetras. Contact your petstore before you put another fish in with your betta fish.

Can betta fish live in a big tank with other fish?

Yes they can but not with coldwater species like goldfish. Betta splendens are tropical in their requirements.

Can a Betta fish and a goldfish live together?

It depends. If your betta is gentle, they will get along. If not chances are he might wind up killing the goldfish

Can Betta Fish live with comet goldfish?

Betta are best as solitary fish, but in addition, a goldfish and a betta's needs are different including type of food, and the temperature of their water.

Are betta fish able to live with other fish?

Betta fish are unable to live with other fish due to their aggressive nature, as they may injure the other fish. Female betta fish are able to live with other fish, however.

Can a fighting fish live with a goldfish?

No, a betta (fighting fish) is best as a solitary fish due to aggression, but their needs are also different with a betta needing tropical temperatures

Can you give your goldfish other fish food?

yes you can they can eat bloodworms live foods and they can eat betta pellets or betta flakes The best food for Goldfish is "Earthworms" They should be incuded in the diet at least weekly if possible.

Can goldfish live with a betta fish?

No, not without a decent sized tank and proper filtration. A single male betta fish would likely not bother the goldfish. However, goldfish produce waste with much higher ammonia levels than most other fish. This would burn the bettas gills, even though bettas are mainly surface breathers.

What fish can live with female Betta fish?

Gouramis and other betta fish--just not two males

Can betta fish and goldfish live in the same bowl?

Betta fish and goldfish can not live together! Bettas are a tropical species of fish that require a heater and a bare minimum of a five gallon aquarium (with a filter!) while goldfish live in a completely different temperature range. The pair would not do well together because of the temperature differences and their need to live in something significantly bigger than a bowl. I understand that it is a common misunderstanding that they can live in bowls, but the fish will not have a good life! Please do the right thing and never keep these two types of fish together, no matter the temperament of the betta.

Can bettas live in the same tank as a goldfish?

No. Betta fish is a tropical fish, and it needs 78F+ which will require you to buy a heater unless you live in a tropical area yourself. Goldfish is not tropical fish. So by being in the same tank, it's either betta will feel too cold, or your goldfish will feel too hot. They don't belong in the same environment. Betta is also territorial and aggressive. They might attack goldfish too because goldfish's long fin might resemble a betta. They do not belong in the same tank.

Can a betta and a goldfish live in a bowl together?

no because the betta will eat the goldfish The previous answer is right but the reason given is wrong. A Betta can not eat a goldfish unless the goldfish is very tiny like less than 1/4 inch long. The real reason is that goldfish need cold water below 65F and plenty of it. (At least 2 gals per 1" of fish). The Betta is a tropical fish needing warm water not below 75F. (A 1 gal tank is usually accepted as sufficient for a Betta)

Can betta fish live with other betta fish?

Yes, but some fish will nip at the Betta's fins. Male bettas cannot live with other bettas (male or female).

What fish can live with black moor goldfish?

Other cold water fish such as orandas and goldfish.

How do you betta fish live?

Sorry, type in: how do betta fish live?

Will a male betta fish kill a female?

yes betta fish have to live alone or one will kill the other.

Do goldfish live longer when they have other fish with them?

Your goldfish will not live "longer" no matter how many or how few you have.

Do girl Betta fish need boy Betta fish to live?

No, they can live alone or with other female bettas. They might bite each other but won't kill.

Can a betta fish be in same tank as a dragon fish?

Betta fish can live with any other fish that are peaceful and do not have long, flowing fins as this could make the betta fish jealous and start a fight.

Do goldfish kill other goldfish?

Not normally unless they are dying, goldfish are community fish and usually live fine with other.

Can a Betta fish live with any other fish?

Yes they can live with many other species of fish except for their own kind...they fight.

Can betta fish be in the same tank together?

Females can be. Males need to live one Betta to the tank - you can have other fish in with him, but no other bettas, other anabantids, or any other long-finned fish.

Can a betta fish live inside a pond?

Yes, it is possible if the betta lives with other bettas in a heavily planted pond, I would heat it if you live in the Northern states. Never have normal pond fish live with a betta.

Can a Betta live with goldfish?

You should not keep a betta with goldfish as their needs are different. Bettas are a tropical fish and do much better in water temperatures that are 78F to 80F, while that is too warm for a constant temperature in a goldfish tankGoldfish produce large amounts of ammonia and are coldwater fish so I would recommend that you do not place together.

Can you put a betta in a tank with other fish?

Not if you want the other ones to live.