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No they dont.

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Do bigger wheel roll faster?

No. Bigger wheels roll slower than smaller wheels. They roll slower because they have a larger circumference and they take longer to roll. Smaller wheels have a smaller circumference meaning they go faster.

Would a bigger ball roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball?

A bigger ball will not always roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball. It will depend upon the weight of the balls.

Do bigger wheels roll faster then smaller wheels?

NO. The smaller the wheel the more revolutions it turns if both are driven at the same speed. So, the smaller the wheel the faster it turns.

Do bigger wheels roll longer than smaller wheels on a skateboard?

not really but they could

Do bigger wheels roll faster?

For the same movement speed, big wheels go slower.

Why do bigger wheels roll slower than smaller wheels?

it takes a larger wheel longer to travel its circumfrance

Why does a golf ball roll down a hill faster than a baseball?

it does because a golfball is smaller than a baseball

Will the cart roll faster with or without mass?

If the cart is rolling downhill it will roll faster with mass, but on level ground or uphill it will roll faster without mass.

Do bigger wheels roll faster articles?

Per given number of rotations/time, the larger the distance covered per rotation/time the higher the speed. If you pit them against each other on a ramp in a vacuum, then they'd roll at the same speed, different rotations/time 's In reality you have to factor in wind-resistance is greater than that on the smaller wheel.

Is a cylinder a circular shape?

a cylinder is like a toilet paper roll, exact same shape except some may be bigger or some smaller,

How fast do balls roll?

the speed of a ball all deends on how fast you roll it, what its mass is, and the incline.The faster you roll it, the steeper the incline is, and the greater the mass will all make it faster

What are the differences between racing cars and normal cars?

usually race cars are modified with roll cages, racing seats, and the engine usually is bigger (Meaning it has more litres). Also it has front skirts, back skirts, and side skirts on it, and usually a spoiler for down force.

Can you use a cookie sheet with an edge instead of a jelly roll pan?

I believe a regular cookie sheet is slightly bigger than a jelly roll pan. This will make the cake thinner and it will bake faster so reduce the baking time.

Two identical freight cars roll without friction towards each other on a level track one rolls at 2ms and the other rolls at 1ms after the cars collide they couple and roll together with a speed of?

They're traveling with opposite velocities, so: 2 - 1 = 1 m/s in the direction the faster car was traveling

How do engineers design cars so that they will go faster?

they blow on it to make it rollthey take out all of the seat belts to make it lighterthey remove the windows so u can see better

Does a golf ball go faster as you increase the slope of a ramp?

In other words, does a golf ball roll faster up a hill? No obviously not. It would roll faster down a slope, it's called gravity.

Why wheels make things faster?

Because they roll

What type of music helps you run faster hip hop or rock and roll?

rock and roll because the loud noise will get your body pumped and make you go faster.

What is a Racing cars protective frame called?

Roll Cage?

What is the safety feature in cars called "roll bars"?

Roll bars are a safety feature in cars. Typically they are found in convertibles. They aid to protect the driver in the event of an accident and the car was to overturn.

On what surface willa rubberball will roll faster on?

wood duhhhhhhhhhh..........

Where do you roll the snowball to make your snowman in animal crossing?

All you have to do is keep pushing it (it will roll away from you) until you can roll it (it won't roll away from you and you can control where it goes) then make one snowball larger than the other and push the smaller one on top. Handy hint: Roll the snowballs over dirt and stone to make them smaller, roll them over snow to make them larger

How can you prove that rolling friction is less than sliding friction?

Rolling friction is greater than sliding friction as- IT is easier to roll a bag than to slide it. that is why cars have wheels so that they can move faster.

Do bigger wheels roll faster than smaller wheels?

Okay, first we need to clarify the difference between "tire" size and "wheel" size. Tires come in various sizes so depending on the rim size you select you can end up with the same exact wheel height (diameter) by combining a large rim with a low profile tire as you would with a smaller rim and a tire that has a wider sidewall to it, in which case they'd be no difference in speed since the wheel's diameter wouldn't change. Thus when we're talking about "bigger wheels" what we're really talking about is the wheel's overall diameter, or width size (think of it as the difference between a dime and a nickel). That said, if you switch to bigger wheels your car will go faster than what your speedometer reads because the distance covered by spinning the rotors one revolution (say from 12 o'clock to 12 o'clock) is greater the bigger the wheel is, which means you cover more distance per rotor revolution (for example, if your speedometer reads 55 mph you actually might be going 65 mph or faster depending on how much bigger the new wheels are). For this same reason, taller wheels actually save gas, not waste more gas. Think of it this way: If you compare two identical cars going down the highway at 65 miles per hour - one with smaller wheels, and the other with bigger wheels - the one with the bigger wheels will require less depression of the gas pedal to get to 65 mph than the one with the smaller wheels (since the speedometer on the car with the bigger wheels will actually be reading slower than 65 mph). And we all know the deeper you press your gas pedal the more gas you send into the engine, and the faster you burn up gas. So bigger wheels use less power than smaller wheels at any given speed when you compare two equivalent vehicles side by side.

How do roll cages in cars work?

A roll cage reinforces the body to the frame. The point of a roll cage is so if the driver crahses, the car won't "pancake".