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Some do. My black lab has a star on his chest. He is also a pure bread so yes they can have white markings

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Q: Do black labs have white markings?
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Are panda bears black with white markings or white with black markings?

panda bears are clear with black markings. did you know their fur is actually clear.

What is the name for a horse that is white with black markings?

Well if the Black markings are stipes then a zebra. But if the black markings are just like 1 or 2 spots or lines then... a horse!!!!!

White buoy with orange markings and black lettering What type of buoy?

White buoy's with orange markings and black lettering are a regulatory marker for boaters.

What are bugs that have White belly blue back with black markings?

There are several types of caterpillar that match this description. They can have a white belly with a blue back and black markings.

Can black labs only see black and white?

yes actually all dogs see black and white

What colors or markings does a panda have?

Black and white

What are the different kinds of lab puppies?

The different types of Labrador are black labs, chocolate labs, yellow labs, and white lab puppies.

What markings do an adelie penguin have?

they are small black and white

A bee looking insect that lives in a paper hive that appears to be black with white markings?

The insect described sounds like a baldfaced hornet. They make a paper hive and have black and white markings.

What is the name of a black bird which has white markings on?

This is such a vague description that it could be many birds. It is not unknown for common all-black birds - e.g. Crow, Jackdaw - to have white markings.

What is the difference between a White Tiger Leopard and Jaguar?

White Tiger : White with Black stripes Leopard : Golden with Black unique spots Jaguar : Black with No markings

What breed of horse is black all over with some white markings?

There are many different types of horses that can be black in color and still have some white markings. Some horses are almost completely black with a small white blob on like it's stomach and it is considered a paint. It really depends where the markings are and how many there is.

What kind of spider is black with red and white markings?

maybe it's a black widow?

What spider is black with red and white markings?

thorn spider

What is the color and markings on a zebra?

White w/black stripes.

Do farmers kill Holstein calves that do not have the traditional black and white markings because of lower than average milk production?

No. The black and white markings do not make a big difference on the milk production of the cow.

What temperature can black labs swim in?

Same temperature as white labs, or all labs for that matter. General rule - If its too cold for you its too cold for your dog

What colors do black labs see?

Black and white just like all the other kinds of dogs.

What types of colorings and markings does an Emperor Penguin have?

A penguin is black an white

Can brown labs have a black lab?

i suppose they can they also have a white van lol

Why is the all blacks called all blacks?

If a horse is "all black", it means it has no white markings (socks, spots, or facial markings).

What color will be nice for a Jack Russell?

Jacks can be white, white with black or tan markings, or tricolor (white, black, and tan). The white on the body helps the hunter see the dog in the field.

Do percherons only have a black coat does any breed of horse only have a black coat?

The Percheron is not just black. They can be black or grey; chestnut and bay are very rare. Percherons can carry minimal facial markings and white on the lower parts of their legs. The Friesian is a breed that is limited to just the black color with no white markings.

Can a black labrador puppy change in color as he gets older?

Black labs are notorious for becoming "salt and pepper" in their old age. They will begin to grow little white hairs around their paws, tails, faces, chests, etc. It is also more common to grow white hairs if they had bolo paws when they were puppies, or have the AKC undesirable white spot on their chest. My chocolate lab had bolo markings when she was little, she will probably get white hairs when she is old.

What term is used for black and white markings on a cat?

Tuxedo? but that is when the cat is black, has a white chest, and white paws, sometimes some white on the face, and sometimes a white under belly, hope this is what your were looking for. :]