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Yes they have eyebrows.

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Steve Jobs' eyebrows are black.

one day i shaved my eyebrows if u shave your eyebrows if u have black eyebrows u should use black eyeliner an if u have blond eyebrows well good luck!

Maybe it's because you have very dirty eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are not ugly. According to most people associating with beauty, thick eyebrows have been picked for most gorgeous. And something else...who would want their eyebrows to be a line? I am one of those people who wouldn't.

no im afraid it says you are not aloud to dye eyebrows but if you trim your eyebrows they won,t look so dark

Must be eyebrows; 'cause I've gone grey (that which I still have anyway) and my eyelashes are still black.

its black look at his eyebrows.

No, she's not. If she was, she wouldn't have black eyebrows.

The egyptians used black ink to tattoo on eyebrows, and so forth, on the people of nobility and wealth. Makes about as much sense as the use of cosmetics, today.

The breed of cat that is black and white with long eyebrows and short whiskers appears to be a European Shorthair. This breed of cat is native to Italy and Sweden.

i have black hair , blue eyes, black thick eyelashes and eyebrows and deep red lips, and this is without makeup

if your white a redish color if your black a light brownish color

You had it correct - eyebrows.

black and white with yellow "eyebrows" on behind their eyes

The Jonas Brothers' eybrows are black.

What ever You Want its Your Body :D

yes because people might shave or wax them

Some people use clear mascara on their eyebrows because it is a clear gel that can be applied to the eyebrows with a brush to tame them. It is also great for the eyelashes to put as a sealant over your mascara to stop it from smudging.

Of course! Surprised is an emotion not a body part. Even without eyebrows showing the surprise, you can still be surprised.

they are black and white and these long eyebrows on the side of the head is yellow

Animals do have eyelashes, and they do not have eyebrows because they usually already have hair on their faces. Harp Seal pups do if you look at there eyes there are black eyebrows above them. Do an image search to see for youself and just to see the cute animals. Have fun!

Because people have eyebrows, and he wanted to make his paintings real, not like something out of a Science Fiction movie.

to keep them trimmed and healthy looking