Do black widows spiders kill their mates?

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Yes a female black widow spider will kill and eat her mate.
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What do you do when you find a Black Widow Spider?

Answer . If I cannot safely get it far away from me outside, I would for surely dispose of it by smashing it and flushing it down the toilet. If it is in your house dont let it escape. If there is one there is likely more. Fumigating for bugs I would recommend.

What do black widow spiders eat?

Black widow spiders eat flies, moths, and other insects that fall, crawl, or fly into the web. Black widows make messy "tangle" webs. They like to make their webs in dark protected place with access to the outside. They are usually found in places like overturned boxes in the yard, boxes that are ma ( Full Answer )

How do black widows spiders get in the house?

They can get in several ways.. 1. An open window (being the most likely). 2. When you open the door to enter/exit.. 3. Through a vent or a small hole in the house.. 4. You might have one attached to something that you brought in with you from another location. (probably the least likely)

Can black widow spiders kill you?

No, not unless the person is terminally ill, elderly, or a young child. You can still get sick, almost like flu feeling.

Do black widow spiders kill you?

Males are rarely seen and are relatively harmless. The female's bite is poisonous to humans and is sometimes fatal. This spider is not aggressive and bites humans only in defense when threatened. . Yes. If they are not treated, they could lead to becoming comatose, seizures, paralysis or death. ( Full Answer )

Facts about black widow spiders?

Female black widow spiders are approximately 1 inch long and havean hourglass shape. Black widows get their name from the habit offemales killing and consuming the male after mating.

How do you kill black widow spiders without making contact?

Spraying or squashing are immediate kill methodsagainst black widow spiders ( Latrodectus hesperus ) whereashosing or spraying sacs and webs are preventive. But it isimportant to be vigilant and wear protective clothing since thespiders in question are aggressive and may charge at -- not awayfrom - ( Full Answer )

Is a black widow spider deadly?

Generally, the black widow is not deadly. But for a small child, an older person or someone in poorer overall health, the bite may be very dangerous. And an allergic reaction can considerably complicate medical treatment. Note that a number of deaths are reported every year from bites of Latrodec ( Full Answer )

Are there black widow spiders in Indiana?

Yes. They are more common in the south, but do make their way to Indiana. They spin cobwebs (look like alattice with no real pattern and are surprisingly strong), and should you find one in your home, destroy it and it should send the spider on it's way (also, if you happen to see a pea-size, light- ( Full Answer )

What preys on Black Widow spiders?

A few wasps can sting and paralyze, before eating the Black Widow. She is also a favorite food of the Praying Mantis. Some birds will eat these spiders but could end up with an upset stomach from her poisons.

How do you kill a black widow spider?

u grab a shoe that u dont like and smash it then throw the shoe away and then ur done ------------------------------------------------- There are many ways to kill a Black Widow spider. 1. Shoot it 2. Step on it 3. Squeeze it 4. Lasers too! 5. Cut it 6. Roll it over with a car, ro ( Full Answer )

How fast can a black widow spider kill an average person?

I am only young butt i know that this question all depends on how big the bite is and it is sad to say buut could be very fatal to a average person of the age 10 or younger for anywhere older it could be extremly dangerous butt for those people worring about it, it is very unlikley you would get kil ( Full Answer )

What is cool about black widow spiders?

They call the spider a black widow because it is mostly black and they call the last part widow because the female kills its mate by eating the male!!!:) . Lays up to 400 eggs at a time . There is an red hourglass underneath part of her abdomen (containing the digestive organs; the belly . The Bl ( Full Answer )

What kills black widow spiders?

Wacking iith a shoe ------------------------------------------------- There are many ways to kill a Black Widow spider. 1. Shoot it 2. Step on it 3. Squeeze it 4. Lasers too! 5. Cut it 6. Roll it over with a car, rolling chair, etc. 7. Vacuum it 8. Drown it 9. Suffocate it in a jar with no oxygen ( Full Answer )

How do black widow spiders attract their mates?

The black widow males sre the ony ones that have an ourglass on their abdomen and the bright redness is what attracts the female. That statement is incorrect. The female has the hourglass on her belly and is larger than the male. The male has red and yello and white on it back. ___________ ( Full Answer )

Could Tarantula Hawk Wasp kill Black Widow Spiders?

Yes, a tarantula Hawk could certainly kill a black widow spider if it wanted to. A black widow spider would be too small for a tarantula hawk to bother with most of the time. Actually, black widows are a favorite meal for some types of mud wasps. The wasp will sting the spider - paralyzing it - not ( Full Answer )

Can black widows spiders kill you?

They can, but deaths are rare. Yes a Black Widow can kill you but rarely people die from Black Widow bites. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They can cause seizures, breathing problems, twitching, and rarely death. Positiveness o ( Full Answer )

Are black widow spiders in Ohio?

Yes, all throughout the state, they love wood piles and sheds; they love the dark and damp places; shy in nature, but will bite when threatened

Will WD40 kill a black widow spider?

Not immediately, but it will. It is a good way to get them to move out of a tight spot without using pesticides.

Do brown recluse spiders mate with black widow spiders?

yo mate. if I asked you that question you'd probably say...since that females eat the head off the males I suppose that yes but only for a short time.well theres' your answer! No, brown recluse and black widow spiders are different species are thus cannot mate.

How do you kill widow spiders?

Catch it in a jar and put it in the freezer, flush it down the toilet, or smash it. I usually put em in jars and freeze them.

What pesticide kills black widow spiders?

Any commercially available pesticide which kills spiders willeffectively kill black widow spiders. It is sprayed in areas withknown spider activity which transfers to their bodies when theycome in contact with it.

Why is the black widow spider called a black widow spider?

After mating, she usually kills and eats her mate. She's black and now has no 'spouse' so she's a black widow . But it is not any more or less usual for the black widow to eat her mate than it is for other spiders.

Do black widow spiders have predator?

No. Female black Widow Spiders, are about twice the size of males. And females have a symbol, on the back of their lower abdomen, which looks much like an hourglass. And females are poisonous, and their venom is potent enough to paralyse if not kill a human being. However, if a female, Widow spi ( Full Answer )

Who do female black widow spiders do after mating?

After mating once the female Black Widow is pregnant for life. The females have a special receptacle that stores sperm for as long as she lives. When her eggs mature, the female spins a silk ball and deposits the eggs in the ball.(up to 400 at a time) after those tiny black widows exit the ball and ( Full Answer )

What colors are black widow spider?

mostly black, females having red hourglass shapes on their abdomen. some black widows may have red spots as well.

Where is the spot on a black widow spider?

depends on the region, there is ones that have it just on their abdomen, then there is the one with little red spots, then there is the ones in Europe who have red black and yellow and then there the red back where it is on their back. the most important characteristic is their big raindrop shaped b ( Full Answer )

Are black widow spiders asexual?

No. When a female black widow spider is looking for a mate, well she finds one and mates it. Then she eventually eats him! (most species of female spiders do this- they are bigger than the males as well). The female black widow spider uses the male one just to make babies. Then they are off-unless t ( Full Answer )

Can a black widow mate with a hobo spider?

(I can't believe someone previously answered "yes" to this, lol.) The answer is NO. They wouldn't even be allowed to get that close to one another without one attacking the other. Each individual species has their own way of "talking" to their mate. Most of this communication is done through vibra ( Full Answer )

Who buys Black Widow spiders?

Some people in pharmaceuticals use the venom to produce antivenoms. They milk the venom from the spiders and produce antivenom to use when someone gets bit. Their webs are also used to manufacture crosshairs in some scopes.

Why is black widow spiders called a black widow spiders?

Black widow spiders are called such because the females eat the males after mating with them. Immature Black Widows have the same shape as the mature "Widow" but with dramatic color markings. An immature Widow, although much smaller that an adult, can still cause a painful and dangerous bite. As yo ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you dream about a black widow spider trying to get away from you when you are trying to kill it?

It could mean several things: You are chasing after evil because you have the Word of God, ready to kill it, but evil is scared of you. It's running away because your light shines bright that it can't stand to be near you. Maybe if you are afraid of spiders, it means that you overcame your fear, a ( Full Answer )

What is the black widow spider marking?

A red Hour Glass on its stomach, or a pair of red dots. These markings are not usually visible, though. Having a red hour glass does not necessarily mean it's a black widow, as there are some species (Steatoda) that imitate them for safety. Also, the males (which are smaller) are not harmful to huma ( Full Answer )

What is on the back of a black widow spider?

The American Black Widow should have nothing upon its back but the black color it is. Specfically, the hour glass is on the belly of the spider.

Why are the black widow spiders cannibals?

because they dont care there for they will turn on eachother,if a female mistakes yhe male for a meal she will eat him its not that they want to its just something they do

How dangerous is the black widow spider?

The black widow spider is very dangerous and can cause a variety of different symptoms. The venom in a black widow spider is reported to be fifteen times stronger than a rattlesnake's. Bites can produce muscle aches, nausea, and paralysis of the diaphragm. Fortunately the spiders are non-aggressive ( Full Answer )