Do bluethroated macaws migrate?

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Where do scarlet macaws migrate to?

macaws migrate to bolivia this is chris

Do blue macaws migrate?

they do migrate.

Where do macaws migrate to?

On the whole, macaws do not migrate. They already live in warmer areas where food is abundant, so do not need to migrate during cold seasons to places where there is more food.

Do blue and yellow macaws migrate?


Do macaws migrate?

It All Depends On The Spieces & Area It Lives In. :)

Do scarlet macaws migrate?

i dont think they need to, because they live in a hot contrey. usally birds migrate to hotter contreys in winter... that is what i think... :)

How popular are Macaws?

Macaws are very popular.

What do hunters do with macaws?

hunters do a lot of stuff with macaws

What color are the macaws legs?

What colour are the macaws legs

Is a red macaw bigger than a blue one?

No, hyacinth macaws are the largest of the macaws. If, by chance, you were referring to blue and yellow macaws, they are generally about the same size as red macaws.

Are Scarlet Macaws endangered?

Yes Scarlet Macaws are endangered.

In what hemisphere do macaws live in?

the macaws live in the southern hemisphere

What layer of rainforest do macaws live?

macaws live in the canopy

What are blue and yellow macaws called?

Blue and Gold Macaws

Does macaws live alone or with others?

macaws live with others.

Where do macaws get their food from?

The trees and the plants

Is the blue and gold macaws endangered?

No,Blue and Gold macaws are not endangered.

Is jewel the parrot a blue macaw?

Jewel and Blu from the movie "Rio" are Spix Macaws. Not to be confused with blue and gold macaws or hyacinth macaws, Spix macaws are very endangered in captivity and appear to be extinct in the wild.

Where do scarlet macaws live?

Scarlet macaws live in Central and South America

Which countries macaws came from?

Macaws come from Mexico and though out South America.

What layer do macaws live in?

Macaws live in the canopy and emergent layers of the forest.

Are macaws and parrots the same type of bird?

In a way. Macaws are a type of parrot.

Is there a species of macaws called blue macaws?

yes, there are many species and that is one of them

How do macaws protect themselves?

macaws protect themselves by flying high into the canopies of the rainforest's.

How do macaws make their nests?

Most macaws nest in holes dug in clay banks.