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Bobcats live in the Tennessee area. Wolves formerly lived in Tennessee but, bobcats and foxes have always been in the area.


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Bobcats live in almost every state, but are much less common in Tennessee, North Carolina, Vermont, Iowa, Nebraska, Maryland and Delaware. Bobcats also live in many parts of Canada and Northern Mexico.

There are a variety of wild cats living in Tennessee. Some of these cats include bobcats as well as cougars.

There are bobcats in every state in the US. Bobcats are nocturnal and like to be secluded from humans. Hope this helped!

No, bobcats do not live in Alaska.

bobcats live in the wetland

bobcats do not live in the tundra but do live in the desert and taiga!

Bobcats are found throughout the state of Texas. They can adapt and live in a variety of locations and climates. There are two species of bobcats found in this state.

Bobcats do live in a desert and do quite well there.

Bobcats live in the taiga.

no bobcats do not live in dens or borws

No, bobcats are an American animal and do not live in Australia.

Yes, bobcats live in the Mojave Desert.

No, bobcats have live births.

Bobcats can live to be 13-15 years old in the wild.

Yes Bobcats can be found in central Missouri. Bobcats can live in the wild anywhere from 10 to 13 years.

Bobcats do not live in groups. The only cat(that's wild) that lives in groups are lions. Bobcats only live in a "group" is when a mother has cubs.

Yes, bobcats are found there in wild places.

No, bobcats are only found in North America.

They live in North America.

Bobcats live throughout most of the state, in wooded areas. Most of them live in the northern half of the state.

Bobcats do not live in Ireland. They only live in North America. Their range is from southern Canada to northern Mexico.

No...they live in dens

An adaptable animal, bobcats can live in most any kind of area, from deserts to swamps.

No, they live in forests, mountains,deserts,and swamps.

No, bobcats live only in North America.

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