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no bobcats do not live in dens or borws


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No...they live in dens

They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.They live in burrows or dens.

No, raccoons do not live in nests. Raccoons live in dens.

Many small animals live in burrows, or dens. Some small birds will make nests on the ground.

no they live in burrows or dens.

Foxes live in complex systems of underground burrows called dens.

Polar bears live in arctic regions where there are no caves, holes, burrows, or "dens" for them to live in. Polar bears are adapted to live in the open and spend nearly all their time ranging over ice and tundra (where there are no rock faces to host caves, nor earth for holes, burrows or dens to speak of).

Kiwi do not make nests out of sticks and twigs. They dig dens and burrows for nesting. Being defenceless, flightless birds, they need to find protected shelter, and digging is the best way for them to hide from predators.

Kiwi dig burrows and dens for shelter.

Some dig burrows, others live in nests, bushes, and logs.

Cheetahs do not build any sort of shelter. They live in the open but may shelter in tall grass, especially to hide their cubs.

Wild ferrets live in underground burrows, usually made by other animals.

Foxes live in underground burrows called dens or lairs.

No they live in hutches (if they are in captivity) or in burrows underground if they are in the wild.

They are convenient places for nests. For most of the time puffins live at sea.

Foxes sleep in burrows, nests, or wherever they live.Usually in abandoned rabbit or badger burrows.

No well at least it should'nt be they usually havee nests or burrows

The burrows or holes Red Foxes live in are correctly refered to as 'dens'

Echidnas do not build or live in nests. Echidnas may shelter in hollow or rotting logs; they may dig burrows; or they shelter under bushes.

No. Kiwi are not perching birds, but flightless birds that live on the ground. For shelter, they dig dens and burrows.

Animals do not build "homes", but make homes out of burrows, caves, and dens. This is where they live so it natural for them to live there.

Weasels live in nests that they build in burrows, crevices and large tree roots. They are very solitary and territorial.

Nests? If you mean a nest made out of twigs and leaves (like a bird nest) then no they do not build nests. They dig warrens where they can hide and live with other jack rabbits. Warrens (or burrows) are underground.

yes they do live in dens

Kiwi do not live in an underground burrow, but they do dig burrows for nesting. This is largely for protection. They are flightless birds, and cannot build nests in trees. Digging burrows offers the best protection for their eggs.

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