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bobcats do not live in the tundra but do live in the desert and taiga!


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No, bobcats do not live in Alaska.

bobcats live in the wetland

Bobcats are found throughout the state of Texas. They can adapt and live in a variety of locations and climates. There are two species of bobcats found in this state.

Bobcats do live in a desert and do quite well there.

Bobcats live in the taiga.

no bobcats do not live in dens or borws

No, bobcats are an American animal and do not live in Australia.

Yes, bobcats live in the Mojave Desert.

No, bobcats have live births.

Kangaroos do not live in the tundra. They are native to Australia, and Australia does not have any tundra regions.

Bobcats can live to be 13-15 years old in the wild.

Reindeer live in the tundra, lichen is a type of plant in the tundra, there are dwarf trees in the tundra, there are small-leafed shrubs, there are mountain goats in the tundra, there are sheep in the tundra, there are elk in the tundra, caribou live in the tundra, arctic hares (rabbits) live in the tundra, arctic foxes live in the tundra, wolves live in the tundra, polar bears live in the tundra, ........................................If you need any more information on the tundra.........just ask....I did a report on it when I was in the 5th grade....I know a lot about the tundra.

Bobcats live in the Tennessee area. Wolves formerly lived in Tennessee but, bobcats and foxes have always been in the area.

Yes Bobcats can be found in central Missouri. Bobcats can live in the wild anywhere from 10 to 13 years.

no, no snakes live in the tundra

no tigers do not live in the tundra

Bobcats do not live in groups. The only cat(that's wild) that lives in groups are lions. Bobcats only live in a "group" is when a mother has cubs.

do you mean caribou? then it does live in the tundra to be specific the artic tundra.

Yes, bobcats are found there in wild places.

No, bobcats are only found in North America.

No. Caribou live in the tundra, not elk.

where do birds live in the tundra

Yes lynx do live in the tundra.

Yes, hedgehogs live in the tundra.... NO.

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