Do boll weevils bite humans or are they poisonous?

Do Boll Weevils Bite Humans! I will begin by telling the story. Recently I few days ago I returned from a hunt in Amarillo Texas to my home in Tennessee. Leaving my equipment bag on a chair in my bedroom for a few days. For about the past three nights I have been waking in the mornings with new bites each night. Thinking it to be a flea since our Labrador sleeps with us, I inspected her very closely. No fleas! This afternoon while inspecting the bed for the evening, "guess what I found"! Yes a small Boll Weevil in the center of the bed under the covers that had been injured probably by the dog jumping on the bed. I identified it via the Internet as confirming it was a boll weevil. Assuming that he had to be the culprit! It would seem that due to a lack of possible moisture or food he chose me as a host and left some nasty bites looking like the worst mosquito bite or flea bite you have ever had, not to mention the itch unmercifully. Even after using after-bite and other remedies. Can't advise about the poisonous section of this question, guess I will find out! However the itch is tremendous! LT.