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The bone that protects the brain is the skull.

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How many bones protect the brain?

There are 22 bones that protect the brain

Which part of body protect your brain?

Skull bones protect your brain.

What names of the bones protect brain?

The skull protects the brain.

What organ does the facial bone protect?

The facial bones help protect the eyes and brain.

What are the functions of the cranium?

The functions of the cranium are to encloses the brain and protect the organs of sight, hearing and balance.Protect the brainTo protect the brain.The cranium is the box formed by bones of the skull that protects the brain from trauma.

Why is the skull hard and made of bones?

To protect the brain from injury.

Why are the bones in the cranium fused?

cranium bones are fused to protect the delicate brain from bumps and knocks

Why skull bones are fixed?

skull bones are fixed because, they protect your brain...just like your rib bones protect your heart....but if you dont get them fixed then your brain can be damaged in some way either little or big...life or death...that is why skulll bones are fixed.

Are the bones that protect your brain long bones?

no. its your cranium. it isn't long b/c its shaped like your head.

What structures protect the brain?

Cranial bones, crainal meninges, and the cerebrospinal fluid

What is the function of the frontal bone?

It's one of the 4 bones that help protect the brain.

What bones primarily provide support?

The bones of the lower limbs, pelvis, and backbone support the body's weight The bones of the skull protect the eyes, ears, and brain

How does the bone help us protect from injury?

Well your rib bones protect your lungs, heart , stomach, liver, pancreas and all the other organs inside the ribs and your skull protects your brain. but no other bones protect you .

What bones protect your brain?

the scull or cranial bonesThe skull.This group of bones is collectively known as the skull, or the cranium (as it is termed, medically).a skeleton that is why head is hardskull bonesthe Frontal Bone, parietal bone, temporal bone, occipital bone and the temporal bone are the bones that protect your brain. =D

What bones protect your body?

All bones offer some protective function but specifically the skull protects the brain, the ribs protect the heart and lungs and the vertebral column protects the spinal cord.

What is purpose of cranium?

A hard shell to protect the brain. Provides structure...without bones we'd be kind of squishy useless creatures. Nasal / jaw bones and neck cartilage protect airway.

The main organs of the skeletal system and what are their functions?

The main organs in the skeletal system are bones.Their functions are to protect the bodies organs, and keep our shape the skull protects the brain from brain damage.The bones are

What is called the bone that protect the human brain?

The bones that make up the structure of the head and encase the brain to protect it are collectively referred to as the skull. The only bone in the skull that can move freely is the jaw.

Why is it important that the bones are strong?

Strong bones support our body (keep us upright and in the "human" shape) and protect many of our vital organs (the cranium protects the brain, the ribs protect the lungs, etc)

How your bones help your body?

Your bones help you by giving your body a shape, help you do something, and protect fragile things in your body like your heart or brain.

Which bones help to protect a part of the body?

skull protects the brain ribs the heart,lungs, pelvic bones bladder and in females the reproductive organs

How many bones do you have in your brain?

There are no bones in the human brain

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